MoBo AfterParty Run down!

6 10 2009

I know i’m a week late but just got round to taking these photo’s off my Cam!

mobo pics 003

Egypt, K.I.G. Family & myself taking over the official AfterParty

mobo pics 006

‘Onto the Next One’ …Semtex & Master Shortie had a party in Karbon so I had to pass thru …

 mobo pics 011

Finally we hit Manny Norte’s party with K.I.G. again for a quick stage rushing …

mobo pics 013

Manny Norte & Shortee Blitz!!!!

mobo pics 014

& I’m OUT!

mobo pics 015

It was literally straight back to the hotel, grab my things & on the next flight back to London for Markus the Sadist rehearsals …the life eh!


This makes me LMAO!

20 09 2009

‘Tongue in Cheek’ OUT TOMORROW!

Dizzy Dizz has offically gone clear …

3 07 2009

…as if we didnt know that! Great article about him in todays Guardian.



Dylan Mills is Dizzee Rascal, the 24-year-old rapper, songwriter and producer who won over the welly-wearers with his fabulous set at Glastonbury. Not that he’s anything like Jackson, of course, apart from being talented and prolific from a young age. Their differences are legion. As Peter Robinson put it in last Saturday’s Guardian, Jackson was almost superhuman, inventing totally new ways of dancing, singing and being. Dizzee, by contrast, is human to a fault. He raps about pulling his socks up, sirens, and – pardon me – “pussyoles”. Next to Jackson’s ghostly chalk, he is very much a cheese of the kind stocked in your corner shop.


Dizz & Newham Generals on Westwood

5 03 2009

Newham Generals album coming verrryy soon!

Behind the scenes of 1X with …

5 01 2009

Ace & Vis feat. Max, Sincere, Semtex, Ras Kwame & Mr Hinchley!

Kudos on the magic of Old Jamaica Ginger Beer …


17 12 2008

Sway feat. Akon – Silver & Gold …Been waiting ages for this, slightly upset theres no Ragz 2 Richez cameo’s in it after Sway Promised but dope video none the less!

NB: Semtex you are too quick on the draw dude, allow it please, you’re making the rest of us i.e. me look slow & slack!


16 10 2008



Wow!! Looks like it was a big night! What can I say? I wasn’t there but I got the news last night! I’m kinda glad I wasn’t there too ‘Now’ cos I didn’t win anything & would have been pissed if I’d of missed out this trip to go there & then not even win the catergory. I heard I got mad love from the crowd when my name was called though so ‘thanks’ its much appreciated!! Maybe next year…WTF I cant believe I still aint been to the Mobo’s yet!

Did Leona Lewis really get booed??

Anyway…I wanna give the BIGGEST FATTEST LARGEST CONGRATULATIONS TO CHIPMUNK FOR WINNING BEST NEWCOMER. Its well deserved…He’s the rightful winner against the guys in his catergory so Brap!!! MOBO’s got something right!

Also a big shout out to Yolanda Brown for doing her thing & taking hers…I knew she would anyway cos she’s the only Jazz musician I’ve heard about all the time throughout the year!

Last But Not least big up Estelle for taking her MOBO’s I love that…’ tried for years but they couldn’t hold back Estelle’ (direct quote from my maida vale session listen) she shows me mad love so I’m glad she did it!



Best Male – Dizzee Rascal

Best Female – Estelle

Best Album – Leona Lewis

Best Newcomer – Chipmunk

Best Song – American Boy

Best Jazz – Yolanda Brown

Best Video – Leona Lewis

Best International Artist – Chris Brown

Best R&B/Soul – Chris Brown

Life Time Achievement – Mary Wilson