ChipTube #2

4 01 2010

In todays adventure, Chip Diddy Chip has a signing at Footlocker Oxford Street then later back to the Radisson Hotel for some interviews. All isnt as it seems though as Chip is set up by 3 youngs girls who blagg their way into the hotel just to get a chance to meet him …find out what happens here!



17 12 2009

Studio activity

Chippy’s back on his grizzly!

Look 4 Chipmunk!

16 11 2009

‘I Am’ instores & Online now …

Tulisa is Bonkers!

4 11 2009

LOL, she actually sounds like a ChipMunk


Tinchy Vs. Chipmunk

3 11 2009

Think I’m a bit late on this but it’s LOL still …


Come Dine with Chip!

26 10 2009

Chippy’s right about the Rice LOL!!!

‘Look for Me’ out soon …

ChipMunk shut’s down HMV in West London!

19 10 2009


‘I Am’ is OUT NOW!