N-Dubz sign to DefJam

25 05 2010

The rumours are officially confirmed

Congrats, you’ve come a long way


N Dubz Feat. Fearless ‘Duku Man’

27 04 2010

They just keep on releasing bangers off  ‘Against All Odds’ dont they!

What u sayin!?

Pocket TV is back!

14 04 2010

N-Dubz Feat. Skepta ‘Na Na’

1 04 2010


‘Against All Odds’ Tour started yesterday …make sure you check it out when it hits your city!

N-Dubz Feat. Skepta

15 03 2010

‘Na Na’ Behind the scenes

Looks like they’re shooting vids for the majority of the album …good look!

N-Dubz // BBK // Na NA!

9 02 2010

This is the remix!

Lookin forward to this!

N-Dubz are NOT splitting up!

14 01 2010

Now u know!