N-Dubz sign to DefJam

25 05 2010

The rumours are officially confirmed

Congrats, you’ve come a long way


N Dubz Feat. Fearless ‘Duku Man’

27 04 2010

They just keep on releasing bangers off  ‘Against All Odds’ dont they!

What u sayin!?

N Dubz – Duku!

12 02 2010

Looks good! that ‘voodoo’ bit looks like it’s gonna be nutty!

N-Dubz // BBK // Na NA!

9 02 2010

This is the remix!

Lookin forward to this!

Tinie get’s it in on the N-Dubz tour!

26 11 2009

Make sure u check the show when it comes to your city!

Playin w/ Fire!

23 11 2009

Forget Khaled, N Dubz are making movies!!!!!!

feat. Hudson this tune is heavy!!!! def deserves the number 1 slot!


16 11 2009


Feat. a 36 page booklet with interview’s, style guide & a never done before N-Dubz 3D performance! confused? buy it & u will see!