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Yooooooooo, welcome to the one stop shop for all things good & bad in Bashy’s world. Best be sure I’m on this daily updating & keeping you guys in the loop. So, please check it out & comment / agree / disagree whateva’s on your mind!


Bish Bash Bosh!


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2 09 2008
amalicious :P

lmaoooooooooooo oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii you gimmie joke bout man dint wana let you in the club let alone pay you lol thats raw… well atleast he nos what time it is now, where all your fans at anywhoo??? lol x

2 10 2009

any 1 no where to buy bish bosh bash JUMPERS?

30 11 2009

Hi Ryan

The jumpers are on the way but keep login onto to remain up-dated.


13 04 2010

The jumpers wil be out next winter.

13 04 2010

The jumpers wil be out next winter, keep an eye out.

5 09 2008

Lookin Good Bash.

Support & Love from Dagenhammmmmmmmm. You doing any gigs In The SouthEast Area? Barking, Dagenham, anything. Willing to travel. Willing to pay the price Bash.

Number one song still… ”Slag” on the Chupa Chups album. Oh yeah, actually cant decide between that or London Underground… showed that to the Olds; even they LOVED it LOL. Clever.

slag is just….That song is just… Haha it makes me laugh. Glad not all of us girls are like that. God what a world It would be.

Come down to romford. Everyone is bright orange and fake. Nobends.

anyway have a good day gorgeous.

13 04 2010

Thanks for the love Becky. Remember to check out for all information about me. peace

12 09 2008

production’za blast large up,…..
can you send me the black boys so i can breathe on it as well,….i’m lovin the 4 oclock tack amn thats real rite der,…

oh lol to that ‘lock of him bloodclatt!’ that was some funny shit!!!!!!lol ‘f***** indian haaa!!!!!’

17 09 2008
A Dot k Dot

I like da 1st tune bout back in da day stuff but i dintlike the ending cos da beat went too fast when its a slow tune. The second and third tune was sick tho. But keep reppin UK.

18 09 2008

lolz Saw ur vid on here wif you on the westwood show, lol looking all depressed n dat aww lolz.
stay happy mayyynnn
keep dem haterz frowning alie??

X da fan x

19 09 2008

This is what places outside of Londons been waiting for!… So hard to keep in the loop about tings goin on with the music scene. Heard a new sick tune on Kiss coming home from work from a new mixtape bashys bringing out? When’s the mixtape up for releasr ain’t heard nuffin’ bout it :s

19 09 2008

No Problem Mike, Ill try n keep you in the loop! I know its mad hard getting all the relevant info if you aint around but ill try n keep you updated!

27 09 2009

bashy im dying for a bish bash bosh tee please bring some more out !

19 09 2008

Yo A Dot glald you liked the set!

19 09 2008

I know Jade! Ill try but this industry is so fucking annoying sometimes I could just GO FUCKING MAD I SWEAR!!!!!! Thanks for the comment it made me smile still.

29 09 2008
Adam Westwood

Bash No Joke Ting UR bars Are HEAVY ,, likin the chupa mixtape your mom vol 1 and all da balck boys remixz ..
bash u got big tings goin 4 u ., u no dat..
Im reppin big bad BRUM!! B6 ASTON.. but still likin the grimey shit london has got lockdown.
well keep it up bashy
n h8ers u may aswell click on da X at the top right of the page cus ur not wanted..
anyways Bless bashy
safe 1

4 10 2008
Lammar Likes Bunnion

Oh My Daise! You lot need to update this website wid som e new tune man …. BUN da chat …… WE NEED RAP!

8 10 2008

Just added you to my blogroll :o)….your a friend of a friend by the way!

9 10 2008

Hey Gat! What friend?

15 10 2008

glad ma comment made ya smile, YuuU kNow i have dat effect On PEoPlez lol JOkiN
WeLLZ Gd lUCk WIf BAshy.Com Got A FeElIN Itz GonA BE Sick.x

Bless x

16 10 2008
Clinical *Starh*

I Aint Gonna Lie Back To Africa, Its A Big Look Right Now
Kop Sum Ov Dat Jellof Its Doin Alort
MOBO’s Was Pissed, Leona Lewis Is Doin Her Ting,
But I Gt 2 Say I Think U Got Mugged,
No Way She Was Best Video Blud
Still Keep It Locked, Lookin 2 Kop Dah Mixtape

16 10 2008

Big Up Clinical…Minor bro next year…But I don’t give fuck anymore imma just do me!

19 10 2009

clinical is sicccccccccccccccck

16 10 2008

wats going bashy.
only found out you had a blog so i had to come check it out. a big fan have been for a while i just feel your what uk needs in order to get respect from the usa, even though it dont matter it just feels like people feel we copy them. anyway just have a small problem saw you a couple months ago in carnival, me and my girls tried to show you love, not like little school girls just as fans that really respect you as an artist, we got no love from you. understand you must get bored of getting stopped on the streets thats why we try not come across as bugging groupees, but anyway its the past, still a fan. my girls are bored of me resiting your lyrics all the time but oh well so is take care and will keep supporting.x

16 10 2008

yooo bashy
ent u doin a bash view on wretchrospective
karr i keep cummin bak 2 see it

blogs nutts doe
i didnt like taken its sorta lame but
its ok


17 10 2008

Yo King I was suppose to get before I left for Nigeria so Its gonna be a bit late pissed! Ill do it as soon as I’m back!

17 10 2008

Hey, Monz wussup?

Sorry about carnival, you must have got me right at the end when I was leaving…I had to leave for a show & kept on getting DRAGGED by everyone n it was making me late & I hate being late!! Its all good though…Glad you like my music tho babes! Thanks!

18 10 2008

yhh yhh i coped it still i fink its verry ard jus wat u expect 4m wretch im jus waitin 4 .. dats da mixtape is a album droppin after dat

20 10 2008

bashy hold it down
ur a good influence
and u got sum fresh garms

21 10 2008

kl fam

23 10 2008

yo bash, feeling everything ur doing atm, u met you at the kiss 100 acadmey a few months back at the roundhouse, i was the white kid who know all ur bars n spoke 2 u after? just wondering if “before before” is on tht “i spit a 16 bar, hot like tar, t double e had me feeling like a star” line has been stuck in my head since! safe

23 10 2008

Yo Josh big up bro! Nah it aint on BASHY.COM its on the album! Catch me if you can! Glad you like it bro!

23 10 2008

ah guess il have to wait 😦 u got a release date for catch me if you can? also i heard you or kiss or radio one the other night doing like a jam session, it sounded heavy man, is that stuff from or catch me if you can? and finally how did u not understand the final scene on wretchrospective? cheers

24 10 2008

bein the down for a gd partay!! wndrin if u ws gon av a genral cath me if u can laucnh party… cos derz only 1thing beta than copin the album.. CELEBRATIN IT..

Thundercats.. catch me if u can lol!!

its bashy.. rags 2 riches bitch.. for deya

25 10 2008
Clinical *Starh*

I See Ur Checkin Schools For BHM
R U Going To Any Other Schools?
Coz Bre Man Wud Wanna C U At Ours Up In East.
If U Cud Dt Shit Wud Be Live.
Any1 Big Up 4 Representing BHM!!
Its A Big Look.

25 10 2008
Gyals from Crawley

Ur performance was livee
Gt jokes hidin in da shower lol

26 10 2008

Bashy wats goin on.
Is catch me if u can realeased yet?? if not u gt a date?
I bin listenin to chipmunk on westwood and man he got some bars gt energy like.


26 10 2008

when your nxt tour gonna be and are you cummin up to yorkshire anytime soon? bless

26 10 2008

i love bashy

i saw him last night

he touched my hand x

Love Bashy !

26 10 2008

i met you time ago at a stoke on trent gig for LMHR..loved it..bloody great to meet u as well…bummed not to see u on the mobos tho..
keep doin ur ting tho star!

27 10 2008
Drew Star

Sweet m8, just wanna say nice job on the beats, keep it going ur sick!
Kidulthood to adulthood is a tune bruv, and black bois is sick, keep repin uk and do what you do best!

28 10 2008

kwl bash jus passin tru ur definitly da top lyricist in da u.k. iv fwt dat frm ur mum vol 1. and ur clashes wi ghetts and demon stil mk me lol stil. wen u comin up to huddersfield or leeds to perform? and i jus went on holiday to jamaica and playin ur music out there in mandeville man dem luv it truss me. keep elevating da scene fam.1

28 10 2008

kwl bash ur 1 of da sikest lyricist in da u.k iv fwt dat frm ya mum volume 1. i stil watch ya clashes wi demon and ghetts makes me lol stil ha. wen u cumin up2 leeds or huddersfield?. and tru say i wa playin ya music wen i went to holiday to mandeville in jamaica man dem luv it fam truss i gav ma cousin ur chupa chup album cuz man luved it so much and had to buy a fukin nx copy lol keep elavating da scene blud. 1

28 10 2008

i dont kno much about the UK grime scene but among a few other artists you are 1 of the people who got me in2 it. digging it atm, Black boys is a mad tune. n that lilly allen thing is comedy, hope u blow up soon then she’ll be askin u 2 take pics with her ;)))) peace

28 10 2008







28 10 2008

soz i posted my msg twice it wudnt let me so i tried agen lol

29 10 2008

alright bash? wens released man im all over them bars on xtra! (if she’s fras then im signing an autograph) jokes! safe

29 10 2008

hi bashy. nice music mate. just discovered your stuff,cool music! can’t wait for the album,hope they sell it here as well.keep up the good work. greetings from athens greece 🙂

30 10 2008

Hey Bass-ic, Im sure we can get em out there…big up greece…

30 10 2008

Bashy, are you gunnah come to cardiff to perfrom anytimeee ? x

30 10 2008
Nicola Bryan

Hello Bashy….I work at a school in south London and I’m in charge of Black History Month – we did quite a lot this October and had a big festival on 17th. The kids dressed up in natioanl clothes or something that represented their heritage and the Heartless Crew (my old school friends!) hosted the show. The school samba band did a perfomamce and we had a capoeira display. Our cooking teacher also made jolluf rice with the kids and served it at the festival! the kids had a great time!

I really like your tune “Black Boys” and think it could be inspiring for some of our boys. I was wondering if we would be able to book you for an event at my our school to perform the song??

Do you have a general e-mail address that I could send some photos to??


24 03 2010
Mrs Librarian


Are you the Nicola who use to live in Jamaica? I was in Jamaica in the early 90’s and was wondering if you are the same Nicola Bryan I met while in Maypen, Jamaica. I stayed with a woman named Diane and her children.

My name is Annette. I came with three others who were native Jamaicans. Are you the Nicola I have been looking for? I still live in Michigan.

30 10 2008
Nicola Bryan


31 10 2008

fuck u

31 10 2008

Whats wrong J Man?

31 10 2008

yo bash wen u cumin up 2 yorshire? and my cuz in Jamaica says wen u a go ova de so lol

31 10 2008

u r a gd Mc gt sik tunes out n dat … hw comz u let ghetto shuk u up man on lord of the mics.. i rate u still u ws murkin him bt i suppose he is tougha dan u n dat.. bt still ur a gd mc nt abt beef n dt bt mc’s dese days cht abt beef den say nah der nt on it so wag1????

2 11 2008

bashy ur sik, ur tunes a bad, safe

3 11 2008

u cumin dedford (bedford) at enitym?


3 11 2008
Charlie !!!!

oii oii bashy m8 ur immense =]

wb !!!!

5 11 2008

yo sup bashy im 18 and im white & i tell you your shit if off da hook bro..keep reppin the uk & hopefully sometime you will do a gig up scotland…keep doing you bruv mad luv from scotland braaaap

5 11 2008

i knew u wa gna do a vid on youtube soon as obama won lol dat is fukin major dis has been a big week stil wiv lewis hamilton aswel. keep reppin

6 11 2008

i was at recognition and isaw you but all these teenager girls came on the stage and i did not get a chance to come on stagebut you were wonderful

7 11 2008

wagwun bashy ur sik man tht set on westwood wif wretch woz heavy man needs to cum 2 southampton n do a gig

7 11 2008

neva see me fall is stil my favourite tune. y dont u join the movement nah am jokin. u gt bare swagger on ya 1z stil lol wud u eva hav a mc battle agen? cuz da demon and ghetto battles r joke. get bk 1

7 11 2008

yo jonny thats one of mine too. nah no more battles cuzzy

7 11 2008

true say ur on grwn man ting nw man. in jamaica luv ya music yano i wa playin it wen i wa out der wen ya chupa chups mixtape came out

7 11 2008

Bashy ya killin it bro. was in the EMA afta party in carlin academy. ya performance was on point. am lovin ur sound, its BIG.. also Black boys, wat a fuckin track. never get tired of hearin dat 1. You gonna perform in liverpool again ?? take it easy guy

8 11 2008

Bashy, could you email me any pictures you took today at the drive?
I need to do a write up for work, but my battery died and I haven’t got enough pictures.

10 11 2008
Chris Bulgaria

Yeah yeah you definetely killin it bro !!!

Big ups from Bulgaria


10 11 2008

yo feelin da blog, feelin blog..hahaa lol
heard jst wanted 2 check it out but ended up on da blog shyll..
im likein da blog cause iz where you jst jot down tingz dat are gwanin.. kno wa im sayin..
im hearin ma endz all over dem tracks of yours n dat your drive video was in my endz..
know i had 2 say
but yh lovin da northweezie promotion do yall n keep kilburn, kensal rise, harlesden, neasden

10 11 2008

Yo Bashy !!
Always checkin out da website fore new shit man..
always on youtube lookin at ur freestyles wif chipmunk and all dem man..
lukin gud..
you brought a hole new ting on 2 da scence and im mad fankful.. its sm gd new stuff..
love listenin to ur tracks ca it relate to my life… some of it any way lol…


big fan of yurs !!

11 11 2008
Danny 'Dutty Mix' B

Whats good Bashy…

Im da dj from Lava & Ignite in Hemel Hempstead, you rolled through on our kids night a while back!

Mek sure you email me any riddims you want to get played also man, Im on dis music ting!!

I’m gonna put a link on my blog to yours…would appreciate if you could do the same if you get the chance!!


Dutty Mix

12 11 2008

Your music is a lot.
So much that im seeing you on 22nd November at O2
Should be live!
I’ve got downstairs standing so you no.
Was trying to get some V.I.P thing going… but surely you can hook me up?



12 11 2008

Ez Bashy, just passin thru to show some love cos the blog gives me bare joke each day! Cant wait to cop BASHY.COM becar the reviews soundin BIG, straight to the store no downloadin about it,lol!!
When you gonna hit Sheffield anyway man?? I think ud murder a show up here rude bwoy, crowd will give you sooooooo much energy!!
Hold tight and keep doin your ting tho still, safe safe!!

12 11 2008

yoo bashy oiii nahhhhh banging pum pum das my hobby, you noe youngstar produced stand up tall, f ure x and the old garage beat pulse x he dun one a tune wid lethal aswell and mitchell bros etc, anyway f dat shit, hit me up youngstars my darg cum his studio and see wagwarn were in nw like u, now dont be lazy even doe ure work rates alot lool, holla

12 11 2008

50 comments later LOL!…a friend of my friend Annika :o)
Can we exchange blogroll links?? You add mine and I’ll add yours…Let me know!

13 11 2008

sfe bash ur raw at spraying i wish i could be like u well i can spray but there oright can u give me a few tips about spraying


13 11 2008

how ythe hell did you do this bashy.
but still comment on my myspace init

13 11 2008

wag1 bashy how did u do dis man
but still comment on myspace init
hld it dwn

13 11 2008

whats gd bashy jus wondering when ur gonna cum bournemouth again cuz man missed dat all-stars ting u did at da opera house. heard da crowd was going on dead still but dats dem man dey aint knowin still

19 11 2008

Yo Bash jus wondered if u got any advice for us about gettin into the scene as an independant artist fam? i’ve been producing tunes for a while now and just wondered how difficult it is to get things moving on without being signed? anyway big up the album 2009 obviously gonna be fire! bless bruv and dun kno say keep doin what your doin- as well as talent you got the right business brain for this industry fam. peace yeah

20 11 2008

yo bash!!!!!!! got ure album, fucking banger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ure too sik man, keep up the work still, ya big boss.

21 11 2008

To Bashy,

I’m a trainee reporter at a local mag in Bham called ‘The Balsall Heathan’ and I’m currently studying on a journalism course…I joined WordPress to try and contact you for a possible interview either in Dec or the new year?

Thanks for your time

13 12 2008

Hey Vicksta

hit up

& he’ll sort it!!

22 11 2008
Latina x

heyz!! jus passin thru shwing sum luv!!.. seen d vid frm trevor nelson’s afta parti.. it woz sik i enjoyed yur show uno!!.. i spke 2 yuu buh duno if yu memba me?? lol.. u shud defo cum bk 2 lpool!! x x Indira

24 11 2008

YO bashy check out they did a review on your album

25 11 2008

Yo Yo Yo……

Whats crackalakin b?? 😉

Just thought I’d show some support on your very impressive website….. loving your stuff hun “its alot ITS ALOT”
I will be purchasing that new mix tape of yours from HMV 2morrow (i swear) lol..
keep up the gud work Mr Bashy….
and in the great words of rhianna “aint got no time 4 no haters” JUST LIVE YOUR LIFE…… aye aye aye 😉
Ya dun know u got bare support from west
Peace out
Nadine xxx

25 11 2008
L to the T

yo Bashy! Living ledge!

Just got your Mixtape! loving this material big time! I gta say, as a dance fan aswell im loving Ugly Slums! That is one heavy tune!

You gonna be out and about in south london in the new year??


25 11 2008

YoooO bIsh Bash Bosh!!
Just wanner say
ur album is wiiiiiiiiiiKid…Big Man Ting!!
Recieved it in da Post 2dayy!! nd i wass like wooooooooow!!!!


27 11 2008
Fran ♥

Wagwarn Bash
your blog is sik
can’t wait till payday…. comingg my wayy (:
nuff luv from sheffield ♥

6 12 2008

Yes bashy big bars on the westwood set Star!!!! Your making some big movements always have was bought up on your music so your a music icon Breh Anyways Bless Bashh

6 12 2008

yo bash don’t you ever get time to comment on your own blog? i know your probably busy etc but fix up fam

7 12 2008

yo bash
just wanna say im feeling all your tracks and work latley man!
to be ahonest with you. best mc/rapper in uk by far now
keep all the good work up
& when you gonna do some shows down birmingham cause ill be buying tickets for them str8 !

8 12 2008

wats good fam, just wanna say im feelin all your traks nd respect for the black boys init. bash, im lovin your website cos now im able to follow and keep updated on shows, nd news. holla back bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 12 2008

the other new track that you just relised is filth keep them comin init cuz SAFE!!!!

15 12 2008

Bashy man loved the swagger like us remix with giggs darnell and asher d.

Darnell and Giggs sounding BIG!!

Any chance of you working with these in the future?!?!?!

20 12 2008

Wots gd u ightt?
i was lookin for your album in blue water the ova day.. i noee im ova late das anuva story but anywhooz i was bare searchin in hmv dese tymz im seeing ghetto’s album, giggs n dat den i finally see urz and ya noe urs is in da B category bare hidden behind beyonce, u noe i had ta shift herz ova a bit lolz kmt lykin the tracks doe and da site is big stillz keep it goin ..xx

22 12 2008

This song is too much- i was inspired to make this video when i went to this exhibition on the black panther artist Emory Douglas. So I was in the gallery listening to on my ipod and your lyrics just fit the works that i was seeing.

keep doing ur thing Bashy


22 12 2008

Bash-Star!! Nice to see another blog like mine..any chance i could grab an annoying msn/facbook type interview?

25 12 2008
d-power music promoter

yo bashy u look well diffrent wif a beard lol i think you can do it lol.

can you holla me on dee myspace cos i need to pick 20 new artist to promot and i would like you to be on that list most of the promoting is free so why not give it a go init g.


29 12 2008
♥SwEeT lIkE ChUpPa ChUpPs♥

omgg bashhyy :O
a nevaa knew u had a blogg !! … just found it dre
omgg ….. wanna giv u sum luv coz a luv all ur awl da albums on my i-pod lol and a drive bout wiv it up full blastt 😀
a aint even from london am from scotland but u big down heree too…..nd for awl dooz haterzz dat hate on u … fuk demm manzz coz dey just jellussss cozz u so hot initt 😉 looolll
Keep dem Bannginn Tunez cumminn yh

4 01 2009

Bashy i really want to get hold of your 1xtra session @ maida vale, it gets tiresome having to go the computer everytime i want it
is it available somehow? im going crazy!

love from an 80s baby

4 01 2009

Lorna Send me your email I send it to you!

6 01 2009
yung jay

yo blud u r big in tha game the best mc in uk ur mixtapes r big in tha game keep it goin R2R BITCH

13 01 2009

Bashyss Hard Strongest Out Rite Now, Doin Alot For People Down Ere.. Gd inspiration Keep It Up

13 01 2009
Bis Bash Bosh

Bish Bash moviinnnn
New videos r hardddd sytll
getting sum madd luv down north

by the way wer u get dat blue jacket from?

18 01 2009

Hey Bash
Good to see you in touch with the fans, wasn’t expecting to find this! Liking what your doin and wanted to show a little respect and appreciation. Not been familiar with u for 2 long but lovin what i’m hearin….we got links n i’m from a place top tracks. Not feelin the commercial stuff some of the scene are puttin out, but I suppose thats where the money is!
Keep workin and good luck!!

18 01 2009

thanks very much!

19 01 2009

yes yes bad man, 1st fings 1st big up it’s alot fam!!
man like u is insperation 4 people like me bruv
keep doin ya ting bash keep ya head up an rep 4 the black people, and make us see whayever we want we can achieve,1

1 02 2009
kid flamez

yooooooooooooooooooooooo its ur byow kid flamez i jus wanted to knw ur numba coz my dad runz a sound system and he wanted to knw if u would do some specialz 4 manz hola at me on da msn wich is or da next msn or chek out da myspace hola at manz if u wanna dun knw

nw10 all dah way keep doin wat ur doin and 1more ting


1 02 2009



10 02 2009

yo bashy man onli jus found out u got a blog init its sick tho bro keep dis shit up peace out brap!!

12 02 2009

Rahh Just Wanted 2 Let You Know I Just Got Your Chuppa Chups Mixtape &&! Orderd It Off Amazon && It Arrived Yesteday! Couldnt Get It Anywhere Else Cos HMV In My Area Is Wack Still Lol.
I Love Them Both B! Keep Up The Good Work Yeh

Ragz 2 Ritches Bitch Lol


12 02 2009

check out dis video

Kid is Overly High off Dentist Gas

12 06 2009
verbal contrast

that vid is jokes,
n bashy im feeling the bish bash bosh t shirts, they on sale in anystores?

19 02 2009

I Saw You Yesterday 😀

20 02 2009

itee bashy
hows it goin
lovin da music bbes

check out ma bebo bbes

24 02 2009

ok cheers man x

26 02 2009

Hey, can I just ask you ..wat made u grow da beard?

26 02 2009

bash got the cd today with free adulthood dvd !!!! thankkkkkssss boi 😀

27 02 2009

YO, big up for takin pics wif EVERYONE at trent SU, real respect for dat man!

3 03 2009

hey bash listening to maidavale tracks still, nice one again.
you should get down to Cardiff, we’ve got the sickest hiphop dub, drum and and bass to support you… we’re all fans down here.xx

4 03 2009
anton dun marie

hey bashy i loved it the other day when you came down ntu to see me…. i cnt wait to see u next n give u a big huggg. link up soon yh… love you loadz man……. i wanted to take your clothes off the other night…. oiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,, nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. love u byre 😉

4 03 2009

yoo bashy dont listen to the comment above my mate was just messing around lolzzz his stupid shenanigans. im loving the mix tape cnt wait for the new shit… sfe

5 03 2009

bash wha you playin at man? y u pretend to be me

16 03 2009

hi bashy im a big fan of u, chip diddy chip, n-dubz, and more i would love 2 meet u’s

17 03 2009
j star man!!!!

Wagwan rude boi!!! its j star man!!!! all i need is your love baby lol.

18 03 2009


28 03 2009

Bassshy ! x
Just Passin Tru, I Personali Think That Yur Da Greatest Artist From The Uk &+ The Pengest !!
Ppl Think Im Obbesed Wid Yu But Its Just Love. xxx
Any New Video’s Coming Out ??


29 03 2009

I love your site. Keep it up !

30 03 2009

yoo bruddah holla bak if u got ma email about the booking!!

1 04 2009

Bash, All I Can Say Is Im Actually Surprised
I Can See That Your Doing This Thing Legit – Making Movements As An ‘Artist’
Your Puttin Alot Of Work In & I Genuinely Hope Things Turn Out 4 U, Swear Down Tho Brother Its Gettin Ber Close.

I Wana Support The Label Aswell So I Was Wondering Where I Can Get A Ragz II Riches T-Shirt.

Get Back 2 Me If You Get A Chance.


11 04 2009

Yo Bashy, whats going fam? I just want to say your doing big things man. I can’t wait to get your album catch me if u can! Do you know where I can get that song called Think Twice on instrumental from You inspire fam trust peace

20 04 2009

OIIII! Bashy man wat u done? i bin listenin 2 chupa chups mixtape album 4ages now and i cnt listen to the original songs nw witout recitin all ur lyrics to them! u give me joke man, “lil ashley” is the funniest thing i ever heard coz i heard the original on you-tube n “u takin the piss!!!!” lmao

26 04 2009
Cer x

I cant waait for 1st June!! x

27 04 2009

Whats going on bash, did you grow your beard coz the recession is hitting the barbers aswell? 😛

1 05 2009


Got Goldielocks, Tinchy and VV all putting this up –

‘Look out for your mates’ is to help stop teenagers dying in road accidents

Everyday a teenager is killed or seriously injured on London roads – that’s more than knife crime

Can you support us – whatever you want

Really appreciated man

3 05 2009

yo bashy where can i get 1 of dem bish bash bosh tops?

3 05 2009
idris Bamiro

This blog is saying alot !!!!

5 05 2009
G Star

Yo Bash, where can I grab one of dem Bish Bash Bosh t-shirts?????

11 05 2009

hey bashy i see u doin ur own ting yeah and am like i like this bre u get me yeah it’s emtional right now and am just takin it as u go along and learning from u

12 05 2009

yoo Bashy what you did at radio one big weekend was big 🙂 gota picture on my facebook with you thanks btw 🙂
keep up the good work man

12 05 2009

Saw Yu In Deptford Makin Daht Millionaire Video
Its Kinda Hard Still Especialy With U Nd Ur Lil Dance Moves At Da End (Gwarnnn!)
I Was Gonna Jump InIt But Da Person Who I Was With Was Gassin Up Ma Head
Tellin Me Dere Gonna Leave Me KMT
But Next Time Ur In South East Doin A video Halla Yh

Bless .x.

12 05 2009

Hey, saw u at Radio 1 big weekend
1 word…………………awsome!!!
need to get a hold of one of your Bish Bash Bosh t’s!!!!
any advise on were?

12 05 2009

does anybody no where i can buy dat blue adidas jacket he wears in da music vid of who wants 2 b a millionair

14 05 2009

bashhh bashh bashhh
your numberr oneee fann heree 😀
besssttt sonnggg
sickkk oneee
keeepp it lockeddd safeee xxx

18 05 2009

Yo bash…wots goin on fam!! wer can i get one of those “bish bash bosh” tees…such a ard look!! btw check out my blog:

19 05 2009

bashyy :):)

loveeeu dudee (YN)

19 05 2009

yes Bash just wanna say keep up the good work ur the hottest artist on the scene right now. Also, when u doin some gigs in Leeds man saw u wen u wa supportin lethal b at rio’s it was big, u wa better than him jumpin in the crowd n that goin ticky haha

20 05 2009

Aint commented on here In a bit still
Jus ta Say Hiiii and feeLin ranSom And whoWants to be a mIllionaire, make money make money make money den we take money, 1 grand 2 grand MORE!! lol wots good doe bashyyyy ? saw u gettin dat beard off lol bare gettin shook if ya skin woz dry n dat underneath jowka!

da Fan x

26 05 2009

yo bash what you sayin?
keep doing what you doing
gotta make that paper somehow a
i was wondering if its alright to send me
some instrumentals
i like that swagger like us ft chippy
tb bless

26 05 2009

Bashy, Nearly Cried Wen iHeard Yu Was Coming Slough On The 29th. Ice Areaana. Imaa Make SUre Im The First One Der. Bare Getting Over Excited To See Yu. Ox.. Whens Part Two For Ransom Coming Out ?

29 05 2009

bashy check it out and if your kind enough top friend me man im on this blog game from now on!…

Cant wait for the album man

2 06 2009

mannnn saw you at lmhr concert mannn you were the bestt

3 06 2009


4 06 2009

yes bashy your music is alot
i love you soo much
got every single one of your albums
i love it and i love u your the best in the world
im always talkin about you and one day hopefully meet you!

4 06 2009

Hey Bashy, copped your album yesterday. Saw you at Sound on Monday too – your performance was amazing. ‘Change’ changed me, for real! You must have so many people beggin you in one way or another right now, so I ain’t gonna leave a corny message like we know each other (lol), just to say I admire what you’re doing and I’ll continue to support.

9 06 2009

yo bashy can i send u couple beats fam

13 06 2009

wag 1 bashy
i really like your incredible work
your album is wicked and i wish you all the best

15 06 2009

ransom and she’s a gansta are the dogs x

17 06 2009

Lool Bashy Watch Dis Is Bare Jokes !!
Was Thinkin Yu Could Do Wid A Lil Bit Of A Laugh
Coz I Know Ur Workin Hard Still But Keep It Up Yh =] x

17 06 2009

Kmt Forgot 2 Post It Lyke An Idiot Lol

21 06 2009

Im Thinkin Yu Should Create An Account On
I Think That Will Be Jokes Lol

22 06 2009

22 06 2009

Can You Send Me the Beat Plz For Black Boys Remix Plz

Like You Said Ill Send You The Beat So I Can Breath On It

23 06 2009

Had To Show Da LuV And Get Da Album CongRats On ReleasIn It Syl. Lykin Dat tRavel the WOrld TraCK .. HoLA Wen Ur Goin St.Lucia I’lL Show U AroUNd lOL !

x Da fan x

23 06 2009
thea baby


just showin sum love =)
lovin everythin u doin
an luvin the fact uk music is gain more fans plus respect.
you ever up liverpool wayz ?


3 07 2009


showiin d luv 4 d main mahn
yew kwl
ur tracks am luvd
Yew eva cumin birminghmam?


6 07 2009

BASSSHAA!!! lol im sorry ill stop sayin it.. but boi if only you could see ur face everytime the camera man kept sayin it.. COMEDY in its own.
anywho i put u up on my blog.. did a bit about wiley’s video shoot just to let uno so u can teef anyfotos u wont i got more aswell on facebook an on laptop if u interested just let me no… ismini (photogyal – who sat in that little square thing…

8 07 2009

Hi my name is Maciej and I am contacting you from Hardzone. We are promoting artists like Davinche and many others.
We are making a database and we would like your email adress and phone number so that we can contact you.

11 07 2009

wag1 fam
im goin 2 a rave on wenzdai
n i wna drop ur blue bish bash bosh jumper
yh i wnt 2 that website buh lyk it’l tke 2 weeks 4 me 2 gt my hands on it
is there any ova way for me 2 gt it asap?
tke it eazii

16 07 2009
roshine ;)

omd got ur new album yesterday an it is amazin mahn!!! lovin the songs copycat and change. U shuld cum to glasgow an perform init.

23 07 2009

I got sum hard black boys remix i just need to see if it flows and if it dos ill go straight 2 da studio and send dat

kl frm ur biggest fan daniel

30 07 2009

Bashy mann doin it biggggg now
hope evrytingzz goin aritee 4 u bruvv
keep doinn ur tinng famm

bigg upp from southamptonn famm
make an appearance down here sumtimee :p
bless Bassshhy

5 08 2009

Yo Don, your pink jumper in that remix video of Wiley – She Likes 2
The jumper is fireeeeee gang, you need to get them to be sold don.
Or do you already sell them online?

17 08 2009

Yo Bashy…That Bish Bash Bosh Jumper You Were Wearin In The She Likes To Remix Is Fireeee Especially How The Directors Made It Pink…You Should Get Some Of Them Jumpers Made In Pink Or If You Have Where Could They Be Copped From Don? Bless Up

18 08 2009

Your amazing!
& i love the video to she likes too!
Anychance you’ll be producing the sweathirt your wearing?
Im into the old skool 80’s and would love to have one!

19 08 2009

BASHY siiiick album! But why wasn’t 80s baby on there?!?!
Can you link me a copy please bro?
(AND) Make sure its on the next album
Bless Dee

26 08 2009
Beth'Tiing and Lysette

Hey, jus listenin to the Black Boys remix, and me + my matee Lysette was wonderin wts yourr email cos we wan the beats to do a black gyals. Thanks x

27 08 2009

yo bash
loving catch me if you can
fuck the haters man
loving the bish bash bosh top too
my dad knows you from the studio his names grant

looking forward to seeing you in concert

8 09 2009
I Am One

We are an up and coming grime/indie band called I Am One

Check out our remix for Run This Town




16 09 2009

Bashy, big fan of your music keep deep stuff.
i saw you at Notting hill you glanced at me while walking down the road and said some thing to me cant remember what lol but your a good role modde and maybe see you in my music carea.
ill post you a link of my next track when it’s on youtube.

29 09 2009
Alexx Young

Wagwan Bash.
Jus a heads up on what us fans want. We Wanna see a bigger Bish Bash Bosh range… like different colour Tee’s and Sweatshirts. But still your tee’s are sick on a definate ting:)

30 09 2009

sup bash gota say i bin following ur music from the begining n the way u progressed is something to aspire to for all the youts out there, was wonderin u gna b droppin them blue bish bash bosh blue sweats newher i can preorder? or even the tshirts again cnt find em anywhere , safe for ur music man had u on lock since day -1-

3 10 2009

wens ransom pt2 commin?

3 10 2009

yo bashy wens ransom pt2 comin

29 10 2009

post this asap hahaha

4 11 2009

Where can i get the pink bish bash bosh jumper ur wearin in Wiley ‘this is england video’ ??? its siiick! Mail me back yh?x

6 11 2009

Yooo i think Bashy is much much Better Than chipmunk, cuz chipmunk is well big headed 😀 i wanted 2 buy a Bish Bosh Bash T-shirt but they 2 much money 😦
Safee 😀

9 11 2009

Where Can The ‘Bish Bash Bosh’ Jumpers And Tee’s Be Sold ?

13 11 2009
Ry - Squeaky Clean

Yo bashy, Westwood video’s have rele got me into the current grime scene, lot of ppl are on it, if only the industry would let them in, i think it is just set in its way and the fat cats think about their pockets and what currently sells, im sure with the likes of chipmunk, stryder it may get a little more accesible, with the rest if you also very close i would say the likes of wretch, yourself, scorcher, ghetts, are in the breaking through phase if you like,

Everyone is hoping you guys are able to not just open the door but knock it down! 🙂

All the best

30 12 2009
zalon fan

I love zalon to Bashy, I made the video for his latest track, so you can add it to your site

Thanks, look forward to the new year updates

11 01 2010

Bashy wats ur bb pin?

13 01 2010

yooo bash wer can i buy a bish bash bosh pink jumper frommm?

8 02 2010

Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.. naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. we slap girls in… hm hm. wet them up leave the hmm hmm soggy…

Old skool bars man!!

Seriously though I work with Young Peeps affected by crime… I’ve been trying to holla at your booking agent/s for you to bless us with a live p.a or two at our event in City Hall similar to the vibe you did at ministry in 08 with ‘Umar’ from UKYP…

let me know if our events something you might be interested in???


21 02 2010
Pure Flowz

What’s good Bashy?

Were a group from Hertfordshire that have been making music for one year now and we’ve just released our debut mix tape. We know your a busy man but we were wondering if you could possibly review it for us, if you could we would be so grateful!

Here’s the link to download it:


26 02 2010

are the bish bash bosh jumpers out yet .. i really want one but i dnt no where 2 get it frm :/ ??

4 03 2010
chris dunne

yeah cool love your stuff but i am goin crazy cos i dont know where i have heard the synths from “ugly slums” before if you get me? its the beat at the beggingin before the bass comes in, if you could tel me what it is i wud be v grateful! keep it up man

7 04 2010

yo jus wandering how long till da bish bash bosh jumpers r out? i want 1 well bad!!!! i got like 3 bish bash bosh t-shirts, propa love da design on them t’z but now i need my jumper lmao………..
big up bashy

28 04 2010

i wanna get a ask you girl tshirt ?
where can i get one ?
p.s your mum vol 1 freestyles are ur best ones by far more like that would be sick !

1 05 2010

bash your a badboii still

30 05 2010

ite do u ave any mre clothes cumin in ?

9 06 2010

Bashy where you get the grey n yellow adidas jumper from in kidulthood to adulthood video sick jumper

15 06 2010

Bash, i really like your clothing
Whens the jumper coming out, i wanna get the blue tee but there aint none left
Are there any coming out soon and is the jumper on its way or has it already been and gone?
Keep up the good work

18 06 2010
Sharmake Molow

Hey , I’m a young artist hailing from north west London as Bashy himself.
Really appreciate it if you check out my new song fear @

Really appreciate if you listen bashy and send a comment I know you must be busy but I’m sure I can steal 4 mins of ur time

Sharmake Molow

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