4 01 2010

Anyone else seen Avatar & found themselves fancying the leading lady Neytiri!? Cant be just me …if so have no fear, you’re not weird or perverce or a freak because I found out that they actually used Motion-capture to animate the characters. Motion Capture is a technology that digitally captures movement & is used by Hollywood computer animators and video game designers to make nonhuman characters appear more lifelike …Phew!!

So when you’re watching the movie & find yourself liking Neytiri a little more than you should …

It is infact actress Zoe Saldana you’re actually looking at …

Sidebar :: the movie is really good, def recomend it!

-CJ Beatz




10 responses

13 02 2010

I loooove AVATAR ……THE BEST FILM 2009-2010

20 02 2010
Lisa Sanchez

Avatar….awesome movie nothing better out there!!!! I could watch it over and over….

6 03 2010

Avatar is supercool dudes!
It is the coolest movie ever ever ever!

11 04 2010
nare castillo

i want to be an omaticaya too…

11 04 2010
nare castillo

loving and liking this film is effortless..the way they live, the way they fly..it seems like its real! everytime i watch it, it clings to my heart. i cried everytime i see those Na’vi people suffering bcoz of sky people. im inlove with jake sully and neytiri

28 04 2010

Are you all fags or something???????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

2 05 2010

I cant spell that well so bear with me. Iv wached a lot of movies in the past 30 years and liked some of them but when i wached AVATAR i fell in love with it. when your waching a movie and your hart starts beating faster and faster then you come to a love sean and calms you down. WOW what a movie. A+ in my book

3 05 2010

I love this movie it will never get old and i wish out everything that there was an avatar2

31 05 2010

man it seems as if we’re all speakin the same language here, it is real funny to share the same feelins for ney’tiri as if u love the person who is actually plyn her. im i luv wit zoe saldana and planet pandora

2 06 2010

i love Avatar….awesome movie…… love neytiri she is so awesome.. the movie is really good….. hope to see a part 1234………………… :]

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