Introducing the iPad *WOW*

29 01 2010


Heard the funniest thing yesterday “Your Mum’s so fat she uses an iPad as a iPhone” LMFAO!


Wanna Be in The SHANK Official Theme Song Video?

28 01 2010


Shank - In Cinemas March 26th


We are looking for people to star in the up coming video for Shank. It will be held on Monday 1st February @ a secret location. Guys you need to be tall & athletic no younger than 18 years old. We are also looking for two sexy females & you must be over 18 too. This is going to be the Best Video of 2010.

Please Attach Photos & Detail when sending emails. 


Good Luck

Marvel get Fresh with the 64’s!

27 01 2010

What u sayin!?

JME get’s ‘Sidetracked’

27 01 2010

Something different from Jamie still!

What u sayin!?

Look, Listen & Learn. Then Listen Again!

27 01 2010


People like to talk alot of shit about you when you’re doing your ting. Big Up Chip.


Skepta said something on Twitter yesterday that made me think; He said something like ‘Fuck the Mandem cos they only rate you on the come up, do it for the girls.’ I’d like to add ‘do it for the love & money too’ into that equation, then forget everything else.

Life is Like a Movie, Make Sure you’re the Lead Role in Yours – Ashley ‘Bashy’ Thomas


Kano Talks About Our Collabo on the New Gorillaz Album

26 01 2010


Big Business!

Shadrack & The Mandem – Up To Ole Tricks

26 01 2010

This is my bredrin from Brit Schools New Online Programme…Check it Out!

Funny Shit!