19 11 2009

Gotta give this guy credit, he writes, produces, directs & shoots his own videos by his jack self!

What u sayin?




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19 11 2009

Its about time Snooze got some recognition… Growing up in the same area, I can speak for Snooze in that its hard work trying to get noticed coming from a place like Sussex… Keep up the work! Check out some of my bits on … Bash your my next target to interview!!!

19 11 2009

what an artist, hard working talented and full of character.
he deserves the world, and i wish him all the best, massive producer.

19 11 2009

bigg man wiked producer
and singer
produces nearly all my music bigg !!!

19 11 2009
jason hazel

snooze is bigg!

showing that there is talent down in crawley

and nuff respect bashy for putting this up on your blog


19 11 2009
Josh Maher

smashin it bruv

21 11 2009
mycall ebanks

Bloood,clattt! snooze repping da endz 4 real!! love the video,love the girls ,repping crawley, but maybe 4 few sistas next shoot, keep it cracking! hope mr crawley goes ur way, big jump off party if that happens, … much love 2ur pops & D , :)))))))

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