MARKUS THE SADIST – ‘Is Changing Theatre up n down the Country’

24 10 2009

Right, I haven’t written a lil blurb for a while now! But I saw Marqus Akcent’s Video trailer & thought I need to post it to show people what they are missing! This is the Biggest Hip Hop Theatre Piece to come out in the last few years…its EPIC. Ask anyone who has seen it. It has been bussing theatre’s everywhere! Miss It Miss Out! When this is on next time round you have to catch it! We’re changing the game!




One response

26 10 2009
Marqus AKC'Ent.

Easy Homie, enough love for the shout out brother… (& double props for spelling my name right too! Lol)

To anyone curious about this production: I can honestly ‘second’ everything Bashy just stated about it!

Jonzi D, Bashy, Soweto Kinch & the entire perfectly cast line-up have crafted what can only be described as a MASTERPIECE! …Effortlessly standing as the ‘textbook example’ of what any/all Original Hip Hop Theatre SHOULD be!!!

@Bashy: You might need to replace the current link with this:

(The previous link has been deleted, as this is the finished version!
Tour Dates audio changed etc. = “Yeah I’m Behind Bars, but they’re 10 Bars Behind”! 😉

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