is LaRoux out of order?

28 09 2009


In a recent interview with the Guardian, La Roux named checked Tinchy Stryder by saying “George Michael wrote Careless Whisper when he was 17, I didn’t see Tinchy Stryder writing a song like that when he was 17, but he still gets the same praise.”

This isnt the 1st time she’s had somthing to say about ‘Urban’ music …a few months ago in a BBC interview she labelled R&B as “very kind of empty, like hollow and not rooted in anything good or healthy”.

Semtex got involved in the debate by tweeting RT @Semtex: @tinchystryder she disses street music in general, but she blew up on the back of a Dubstep remix????

What u lot sayin??





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28 09 2009

La Roux is possible the least talented singer/song writer to come out of the industry in years. I don’t know why she has so much hate for urban music. How can she call RnB empty as if to say her lyrics are so deep. This is the same woman that wrote

“I’m going in for the kill
I’m doing it for a thrill ”

And song over a backing track that sounds like it was made on a 1985 casio keyboard.

28 09 2009

I hate her songs. shes ginger ugly as fuk. an obv never really herd music. the first time i herd her music was on kutski dubstep mixtape. an ye with u on that A.R.D about the casio keyboard.
How many number 1 has she had. least urban music is written by the artists an not the record company.

28 09 2009
brian Berg

“la `roux““’s Manager is rooted in R&B Music is he Hollow
ask jazz Sumers

Perhaps she wises she could she better?????

28 09 2009

FUCK la roux she dont no shit her song are shit ne way tinchys 10xs betta den da ugly cunt

29 09 2009

why would anyone catch feelings over it…so she dont like something, big deal! She’s entitlend to her opinion, cos thats all it is AN OPINION!!! too many people scared to give their real thoughts for fear of offending someone…i’m no fan of her music, but fair play to her for speaking her mind! Do you think she would make a big deal if someone criticised her music?

and lets be real here, what she’s saying is kinda true really. First up, i’m no fan of Tinchy, but i respect him and congratulate him on doing well, but the stuff that he’s charting with is not gonna be remembered or revered as classic music like something like careless whisper still is many many years later which whether you like it or not, you cannot deny it is a classic track and always will be

29 09 2009

oh yeh cos George Michael lived the same life as Tinchy Stryder growin up…

tinchy at 17 depicted better stories of young man growing up than any pussy lying song george michael wrote about loving women.wen he was batty lol

29 09 2009

I don’t like what she said about r’n’b because that just isn’t true but Tinchy’s album just isn’t good enough so I can see why she would have negative things to say about him. She makes better music atm. Tinchy used to make good music.

29 09 2009

WAIT!!! Does he even know enough about Stryders career in order 2 make assumptions like that?

Stryder has been making countless hits since Breakaway & Something About Your Smile. He only started peaking wen Stryderman & Take Me Back were released, those were his 1st chart singles. All those I’ve mentioned were hits, well the fans seemed 2 like them, so they bought them… so theres a market for them. WATS HER PROBLEM WIT STRYDER???

She’s chartin’, he’s chartin’. Y not b happy 4 his success? Ppl who would speak to defend her would say that she’s only expressing her oppinion but I personally think her oppinion isn’t ‘valid’ or neccessary as it holds no weight. George Michale & Tinchy Stryder are 2 very different ppl to compare & WERE LIVING IN A DIFFERENT TIME STATE i.e. TINCHY IS MORE RELEVANT NOW. She seems to be making music that was relative to the 1980’s, WERE NOT LIVING IN THAT TIME!

She might think that he doesn’t deserve his success but I do. He’s been grindin’ for years & is only now gettin the recognition he deserves. He’s been making music since he was 14, telling tales of his experience. He found the right team to work wit who have been helping him wit his career. He’s worked wit the right producers who have given him the selling sound that he’s making. He knows his market very well & is providing them wit wat they need. That is not being overrated. That is called WORKING business ethics.

1 10 2009

I’m hearing what she’s saying, too many ignorant mofo’s out here, yeah her music ain’t bagin’ dat much, but what, she can’t air her views, share HER opinion KMT! its a free f’in world a lie, this the problem, like ppl can say what they feel.

my beef is I don’t think anybody was comparing Tinchy to George Micheal?? was they???

but yeah he’s being big up alot, but so is a number of artists these days, if we all be real most popular / urban music is nowhere near as serious and real as it was in years past, and too me RnB is a little empty now, where is the life changing, deep thought provoking music that marvin gaye, sam cooke and others was writing, who’s following in thier footsteps now? Ne-yo, taio cruz, r.kelly, trey songs???? usher… ahahahahahahahahahah… u see my point, music and what artists is putting out these days have changed, across many genre’s, urban, rnb, hiphop, even pop, yes even pop music is soft right now!

I wasn’t even really feeling what tinchy was on a while ago, and much prefered his stuff with ruff squad. but I downloaded his EP and was like YEAH!, thats what I’m looking for tunes like, 100%, dark out here, Follow acoustic (banger) and going the right way (Ft wiley) more geared towards the street still, but at the same time, a man must be ambitious and we all know that street music ain’t gonna really get no chart success artists who go that route have to keep the streets live while making that radio music, to get that big money, thats how the game is, I now rate Tinchy for doing his thing, he hasn’t forgot where he’s coming from, but he’s still ambitious and making moves.

as for La Roux live her with her opinions, most music in the charts is soft right now, nobody is doing anything ground breaking, just look up the lyrics for the top 10 songs, nonsense!

1 10 2009

Hard one to shout, she is a BIG artist, tinchy may have been spitting on raw grime tracks when he was 17 but still…what was the need for her to put him down, i see tinchys twitter while go, Tinchystryder: “ive gotta go cop laroux album that girl is sick” –

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