Bashy – Life *Video*

26 09 2009

As promised …

Produced by ToddlaT

Video Directed by Ben W Rose for GraphicStateOfMind

What u lot sayin?




15 responses

26 09 2009

Love it! The vid defo sets it off. Good track Bash

26 09 2009

Yeah this is nice
The instrumental i think was the wrong choice though
But yeh its a gd look keep pushin the sky the limit

26 09 2009

Love it, tune is BIGGGGGGGGGGGG, i listened to every word and u were talkin sense. I just love Bashyxxxxxx 😀

26 09 2009

sickkk video, lyrics are deep x

26 09 2009

Letahl Song
Lethal Vid

26 09 2009

Love the tune, video is amazing too. keep it up xx

26 09 2009
Joe Blogger

This has to be hands down my favorite release thus far .. from the content to the visuals you are officially ” going in ” my friend !!!!!

26 09 2009

big vid bro! keep doin ur thing

26 09 2009
Charlie Roberts

I wasn’t expecting Life to be the next single but I do love the song and the video! I can’t wait for She’s A Gangster and CopyCat!!! Keep up the good work bro!

26 09 2009

Man u derserve some sort of award 4 dat video…the song is possitive and the video is different…like always your videos r the best because they planned well..theres so much 2 look at in that vid lol keep it up bash safe

26 09 2009

best bashy video yet? great work

27 09 2009
Scardalocious aka J ledge

Wha u sayin…? Man must get a MOBO
Big up anyway, keep da levels up…hollering all da way from da BA as in BARCELONA….Brrraap!!!

27 09 2009

This is what hip hop music should be, talking about what is relevant to people and the truth that need stop be exposed to these stupid politicians that don’t have a clue. Bashy you are the voice of London and speak for those who cannot be heard. you making U.K proud for real.

27 09 2009

very good video.

29 09 2009

The vid is a gd look
im so happy i finally got a bish bash bosh top, the white one signed number 5/250 (yn) as i missed out on the 2 fisrt ones
Any chance they comin out again Bash?
The jumper in this sick still
keep it up

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