Dizzee raps about Sex & Violence …

25 09 2009

…shock horror!

New (read: sarcastic) article in the Guardian about Dizzee’s album …is this another case of the media trying to demean the culture? …”oh my Gawd, Dizz raps about his sexual encounters in ‘Freaky Freaky’” …so what!?! It’s his truth which he spits on his album …Read interview HERE…what u lot sayin?

‘Tongue in Cheek’ OUT NOW!




3 responses

25 09 2009

To be fair I think he has a point but unintensionally, I think we need more uplifting lyrics and to teach people to break free from what is put infront of their eyes (ALL MEDIA and the bullsh*t which distracts us from the truth about who we are as people.)

Not everyone is an immortal technique but I think your lyrics show where you are at as a person. You can’t blame Dizz for spitting the lyrics as he probably lived it.

On the other hand we as a people need to see the truth and talented people can do this if they read and elevate thier minds.

Watch esoteric agenda on google!

25 09 2009

that is annoying.. guardian are usually quite good with their urban reviews.

i tink the point there missing.. is that its the slaggy, spoilt, daddys little girls that sould be denouned not the rapper that that tells the stroy

26 09 2009

Is this simply a critique of his music or a personal attack on Dizzee?!! There’s no mention of any positives from the album or anything like that…how can they focus on what, 3-4 tracks off the album that are explicit and ignore all the rest?

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