Want to be in a film with Bashy?

24 09 2009

shank cast

If you want to get involved and see your face on the big screen alongside Bashy,  Adam Deacon (Kidulthood), Kaya Scodelario (Skins) and D Double E, email your name(s) to CastingForShank@googlemail.com, then turn up tomorrow morning.




9 responses

24 09 2009


Theres a link to actual details!

24 09 2009

wenz da film cumin out

24 09 2009

dats a BIG look Bash
you on this movie
keep it up

24 09 2009

damn i wish i cud!

25 09 2009

Fuck sake id but corks a long way away from london haha

25 09 2009

Shit ment to say ”id go”

30 09 2009

im in ittt!!!
it was a great day filiming…and i think its great that they are giving people the chance to be in films such as this…
support the movement people!

4 10 2009

kl ill like to be in the movie
ricky brown bashy yuu know hiim
he sed to join init
and he will chat to yuu about it
where is it
and ill be there

6 11 2009
Becky Thorpe

i would love to do that love acting that they doo !!
wish i could 😦

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