K.I.G. keep it ‘Rollin’!

24 09 2009

Big up DJB for sending this over …

The debate is UK Funky is about to die or is already dead …what u lot sayin?




3 responses

24 09 2009

I think it still has a lot of growing 2 do so the funky house scene can’t b dead already. I just hope the funky house stars don’t change to dance/pop/lovesongs when they get signed instead of helping the scene that made them cus thats what Tinchy,n-dubz,ironik and it looks like chipmunks about 2 do. Grime stars should make grime and keep it alive and funky stars should continue 2 make gd funky music. Then the scene CAN’T die. keep making good music and we’ll keep playing it.

26 09 2009

funky defo isnt dead, but can artists do funky and get to where they need to be in the charts? Funky isnt considered as a “Mainstream” genre just yet so artists are having to evolve from it, experiment with different styles and be versatile if they want to achieve a level of success and respect from their peers. I don’t think it’s a case of them being ‘sell-outs.’

25 09 2009

these lot arent funky artits..and they admit it..theyr cool tho..

but actual funky like lil silva dn stuff.. is only just gettin starte..club wise..i beg funky dusnt die

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