SugaBabes change lineup …again!

18 09 2009

Singer Amelle Berrabah is reported to have quit chart act Sugababes – the third person to have left the band over the years. 

The all-girl trio, which has topped the chart six times, is said to have recruited former UK Eurovision entrant Jade Ewen to replace her.

The band’s spokeswoman would not comment on reports about any personnel changes.

Round Round hitmakers Sugababes are often said to have had a volatile relationship and Siobhan Donaghy – the first person to leave the band in 2001 – said in a recent interview: “There was no doubt that I was pushed out.”

She was replaced by Heidi Range in 2001 in time for the band’s run of number ones. Then founder member Mutya Buena left in 2005, to be replaced by Berrabah.

Berrabah’s departure was reported by the website.

The group, known for a string of raunchy videos, first charted in 2000 with number six hit Overload. They are currently at number eight in the UK charts with the single Get Sexy.

New SugaBabe?





3 responses

22 09 2009
melissa john

How dare they kick Keisha out. I am sick to death of the media demonising every sucessfill black woman. As if Amelle is a sweetheart..she stood by her so called boifreind after he raped her sister…what a skank. I have also witnessed her behaving irrational and not taking her obligations to the group seriously. Her vocal range is limited and she has no originality she only has good looks and a dull lifeless voice that is so rubbish she gets drowned out by the band or is relegated to talk singing to make her look like she actually does something. take her skank arab scarf wearing self and kick her ass to the curb.

25 10 2009

hehe agred

22 09 2009

Last week the papers made Miss Buchanan out to be a vicious, angry black woman, which was utterly unforgivable when all she has shown publicly is a true representation of professionalism. She tendered to her career obligations by showing up to scheduled events and communicating with her team, unlike others.
Keisha is a strong, intelligent, young black woman who handles her business, which should not be mistaken for a threatening, bullying radicalist!

I can’t believe this girl who has had only 1 number one single as a ‘FEATURED’ artist may I add has managed to conjure up enough media backlash to push Keisha out. Seemingly she is favoured as she appears to be the damsel in distress, but where might I add does that leave Keisha? Clearly a high level of favouritism, for whatever reason it is, which is blatantly not based on talent. Let’s face it she was never gonna be even close to being on par with MUTYA BUENA!

I along with many more wish Keisha every success in her upcoming endeavours.
As for the Sugababes as they stand they can become the SugaCubes for all I care…..TruTalk


I along with many more wish Keisha every success in her upcoming endeavours.
As for the Sugababes as they stand they can become the SugaCubes for all I care…..TruTalk

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