LowKey & Faith SFX

14 09 2009

It’s the Alphabet rundown with Faith on the beats …




3 responses

15 09 2009

Papoose did this concept about 4 years ago. “Alphabet Slaughter”.
need to be more original

17 09 2009

I came to the comment section 2 say the same thing anout Papoose already doing it and 2 say he did a better job. Bashy y isn’t ur originality rubbing off on other u.k MCs?

18 09 2009

Lowkey did this aaaages ago, its not a new thing, dont get ur knickers in a twist…and dont think papoose was the first, bare people have done it!
Phi Life Cypher for example done it b4 Papoose…every concept has been done to death!

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