At the Movies with Bish Bash Bosh – District 9

7 09 2009


District 9

District 9

All I can say, is for the first 30mins, I thought what the Hell am I watching…THIS IS CRAP! 31 Minutes hit & I was GLUED to the screen! This film is BIG!

It’s set in South Africa, its about an alien species that comes to earth & are looked after by the South African government governed by the MNU, it starts out aid but then it basically turns out to be a refugee camp. An MNU Official become infected & its about his journey from there on. The ending has been left open for a District 10…I hope!

Anyway…Big Film! A must see.




4 responses

7 09 2009

I liked this film a lot aswell? Loads of producers are interested in funding district 10 and the director said he was thinking about makig it anyway so there sould be 1 in a couple of years. u seen dance flick i thought that was too funny!

8 09 2009

it is a south african film, south african director and actors.

8 09 2009

ERRRRR….. Im Sorry But I Have 2 Say Plz Dont Go Nd Watch Dance Flick Its SWAG!!!! WTF That Films A Bunch Of Bollucks LMAO!! Waste Of My Money Mayne STARIGHT! Say No More……
Oh Yh Nd Was Just Watching Yu On ‘The Jason Lewis Experience’ Lol Ur Funny Gd Actin Dowe! 😀

8 09 2009

This film was sick but had me thinking WTF im i watching still

@Karl dance flick was waste

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