Jay takes us on a trip down memory Lane …

1 09 2009

In order of Appearance:

Reasonalble Doubt

The BluePrint

Vol. 2 Hardknock Life

The Dynasty : Roc-La-Familia

The Black Album

Kingdom Come

The BluePrint 2 : Gift & the Curse

Vol 3 : The S. Carter LP

Vol 1 : In My LifeTime

American Gangster

BluePrint 3 Out Next Week …or ….




4 responses

1 09 2009

Oh my days!!! I Love this!

It’s just such a creative way to market a commerial promo.

1 09 2009

Im not gonna ruin the album for anybody else but I wasnt too impressed by what Ive heard from Mr. Carter this round…big let down

3 09 2009

It’s gunna b hard to top American Gangster that album was a classic. The ad is good i like clever vids like that.

17 09 2009
E Mon

This New blueprint 3 Jay-Z Album has to be one for my favorite albums.


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