The Skittle Skuffle Challenge!

18 08 2009


Basic RGB

Join me online & challenge my BishBashBosh Avatar to the SKittle Skuffle. The winner will be decided on the 31st August & the ultimate champion wins an all-expensis-paid, VIP weekend in London & a chance to see your moment of Glory screened @ Piccadilly Circus. Visit to see which colour will rule

What u lot sayin’ then! COME TEST ME!




5 responses

18 08 2009

ur skittle fuked me up lol i was GreenGate Goon lol

19 08 2009
Ima Starh.....

I Cant Even Skuffle Yu Cos Lyke Ur Not Up 2 Ma Levels Yet..
Skuffle Me ‘Ima Starh’ Let Me Know If Yu Beat Me…
Doubte Yu Will Dowe Lol

19 08 2009

lol i beat you :L

27 08 2009

Hey please can everyone become a fan of eco skittle … cheers

18 12 2009
Domenic Janjic

Hurry up

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