*Classic* Bash moment …

12 08 2009

Everywhere we go, without fail, this song gets soooooo many requests up & down the country …it’s nuts!

Whats your favourite song from the back catalogue?




22 responses

12 08 2009

My Nightmare

12 08 2009

literally my favourite song…im going to bristol to go to uni in september too! love the use of the sammple… then…London Underground (its too clever!)

12 08 2009

4 o’clock man this is mint track you should make a video for it


12 08 2009

luv diss track. 1 of my favourites…its either this or cannon, how to pick a wifey, my nightmere, north west music, ohh baby, ravin no more, think twice, what about me,change, before i fly(scorchers tune but u murked that).. lool

12 08 2009


12 08 2009

mines cryring out loud, and the one over that lil wayne beat, like that, also liked the line about artist would be looking like traps if it werent for their addidas sponserships, at that time bare artist were wearing thoses trakiee’s

12 08 2009
any guy

might not be the intellectual man’s faveourite but F it…

12 08 2009

Has to be this tbf. Most recent is ‘Day Before I Die’.

12 08 2009

can’t even pin it down 2 one but: my nightmare, cannon, death is just a page away, so little time, north west music, crying out loud, dat quick 30 something freestyle, black boys, living my dream, dat song on ur album ft n dubz, your wish Is my command, where I’m from, little Ashley, ooh baby, ur verse on dat wretch 32 song youts….. Jus too Many maaan

13 08 2009
Mister Uber-Fly

yeh dis tunes big, but i wud request ‘CRYIN OUT LOUD’ fully relevant bruv!!!!

13 08 2009

a utter classic, timeless meaningfull music alie?

13 08 2009

I can do Anything is one of my favorites, right next to Ooh Baby.

*love from NYC!*

13 08 2009
Richard Bell

Yes this is probably one of the stand outs from the back catalogue also Ugly Slumms… bashy.com is the mixtape followed by chupa chups 🙂

13 08 2009

Death is just a page away…….. mad classic

14 08 2009

Luv dis song i fink u should ov put da on da album as a bonus to its wan ov my fave dat n my nightmare 2 big tunes

14 08 2009

“She’s a sexy broke slut, haha…” LOOOOL, Dun know, I loved this track & my nightmere, I like the story mode, when u go into bashy well vivid, not many can do that in the UK scene, everybody loves a good story, ask slick rick!

14 08 2009

wow I Got Nuff Favorites er… change, your wish is my command, sorry(thats a big one) er copy cat dat track gives me joke your bare like whyyy! haha, travel the world holla me when u touch st.lucia! . how to pick a wifey ( even doe im not a guy buh im feelin da way ur truefull and its alot man) ermm i like london underground dat one is big i noe da words lyke lol , who wants to be a millionaire , shes a gangster and loaadss more ! includin ur freestyle about ppl sayin ur black boys track was racist, dat one was big.

showin ma lurvveee keep doin it big and hook me up wif dat pink bish bash bosh jumpa !!! saw u in a vid todaii wearin it!!

xx Da fan xx

16 08 2009
Marcus J

Wasn’t a fan of grime and that till I heard Bashy!…I reckon you are the one of the best if not the best, not a lot of artists can make an album or a mixtape packed with great songs but you seem to do it everytime!..Can’t even bring myself to pick a favourite!

16 08 2009

my manor or pryin classics ryt there. dnt matter hw many times i lisen to it dnt gt bored!!

16 08 2009

My Nightmmare and the freestyle over the dynasty beat chuppa chups was a hard mixtape still listen to that now

16 08 2009

I can’t decide its between ‘where i’m from’ ‘cryin out loud’ and ‘Think they’re Bad’

26 08 2009

the Dynasty freestyle

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