10 08 2009

Always Innovate never Imitate!




9 responses

10 08 2009

literally amazing…nice work x

10 08 2009
super milkmen

Dope , Smashed it bashy!!

10 08 2009
Justin Time

Nice Tune
Nice Video Production
I Can See Dis, Or 1 Of Ur Other Album Tunes Gettin A Deal

11 08 2009

Well done! First views are impressive. Music very on point, video works very well. Loving the effects and the cuts. Get Chase and Status to cut a remix (if you haven’t already holla’d at them) and you got yourself a time keeper.

No didididididi No you didn’t lol!

bless Chef

11 08 2009

yo bashy, do you wanna do a blogroll exchange? i run the up and coming hip-hop blog http://www.LondonToMK.com – holla at cha boy on the email if you do londontomk@gmail.com

11 08 2009

liked it a lot

12 08 2009

the bit where she says ‘and now Im kind of feeling choked, but this is not a joke’
sounds like she says ‘and now im kind of feeling choked, but this is just an artichoke’

just a little thing i observed 🙂

12 08 2009

very different bash, but its gd to see ppl pushing boundaries. lets expand the scene! grimegarms.

13 08 2009

Ima Be Truthful Yh…
I Think The Songs Overly Haard!
Yu Coulda Dun A Bit Better For The Video…
Lovin Ur Facial Expression Nd Ur Dance Moves Dowe 😀

Sorry 2 Be Givein Yu Sum Negative FeedBack
But It Is Better Than All Positive
Because There Will Always Be SumThing That Needs A Lil Bit Of Changin
And Negative FeedBack Helps Yu Realise So Yu Can Make Them Changes…

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