BASHY ‘Your Wish’ WORLD PREMIERE today @ 2PM

10 08 2009

Right I don’t know what the hell happened with my Youtube Account but I think the problem is now sorted…Jheeze! This was bugging me all weekend people belling off my phone saying wheres the video at? Plus I received untold emails…but at least I know my supporters care.

So finally I’m ready to unleash my brand new video Today!

Log on to today@ 2pm to see the world premiere of ‘Your Wish’ feat. H Boogie

Bash & H


I’m going to take you back, way back, back into time…away from Record Companies just churning out any old music, away from artists not having anything to say to a time where music was music!

It’s 1981. MTV is in it’s infancy and disco pumps through the music venues
of the world. Bashy and H Boogie are releasing a ground-breaking music video
that uses the latest video techniques of luma and chroma keying to create a
video of cosmic proportions.
Using his all-powerful crystal ball, Bashy; a disco shaman, calls H Boogie
from across the galaxy’s to grant him the power he so desires. Recognising
the dangerous allure of this pharo of funk, H Boogie tries to resist his
charms but soon finds her-self hurtling through the stars on a collision
course with earth.
This inter-galactic lust story will be filmed on original tube cameras and
utilize cutting edge late 70’s video techniques such as trails and
kaleidoscopic effects to capture the power game between these two
intergalactic stars.




3 responses

7 08 2009

MTV didn’t start broadcasting till 1982. Just saying LOL

7 08 2009

H boogie is amazing on this song

8 08 2009

I can’t see the video, it isn’t working on youtube 😦 are there any other links?

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