Kano – ‘Rock N Rolla’ *Radio Rip*

6 08 2009

RB: @PinboardBlog

Kano’s new single from he forthcoming album out in October …what u lot sayin?





5 responses

6 08 2009
freddy d

This is shit Kano is falling off a big pace, he has got alot of potential its a shame hes slippin.

Fuck auto tune!!!!

7 08 2009

Dissapointing, Kano my favourite MC but this is poor.

7 08 2009

I like it. I can c this doin well in clubs.

9 08 2009

He’s my favourite mc but this album isn’t going to beat 140 grime st if it all sounds like this it’s boring

10 08 2009

good to hear people like kano and bashy doin some different stuff….pushing the limits. Its a good song, just people want him on grime all the time, but he needs to make some money music, and thats what it looks like mr kano will be doin, good stuff, grows on you a lot aswell.

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