29 07 2009

Big Up Jay & the whole Jaded Team …no. 6 currently in the US iTunes charts with this song!

The UK is sooooo the HotSpot right now musically, we really are slowly but surely taking over with quality music. Let’s keep this up guys, it’s only a matter of time before we have the type of industry we all dream of having …




2 responses

29 07 2009

Yo lil wayne is the devil man lol!
Anyone notice the masonic and illuminati ish in this video! A checkered floor sysbolisis a gateway for other dimentions! Who but lil wayne pops up when they do some dance move on a checkered floor? Then it goes all red an evil…

If you know what im on about you know the deal! if not watch esoteric agenda and do your research. Lil wayne does the hand over the heart thing aswell.

Not syaing I believe in it but do the research!

29 07 2009

ooh i love how it starts wit ;ride it’..great vid..jay is defo goin places..nice one bro! x

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