Meth & Red GO IN!

27 07 2009

These two are hilarious!

They got a GREAT & VALID point though alie!?!?!

What you lot sayin?




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27 07 2009

haha lmao
but seriously $ 55,000 for a 2 days old baby WTF

27 07 2009

I’m shocked if you really think this is valid point Bashy. I’m not saying Kelis should be getting that much, but to blame all women for that situation is totally out of order.
“They call it maid service” – WHAT?!
“We ain’t got no f*cking rights and we make the laws.” – This is just the kind of thing racists say when they talking about immigrants and equality laws. Yes men do make all the laws, and that’s why the world is so messed up!
I rarely comment on posts like this on the internet but this one has made me so angry! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your album but if you believe anything you said (especially in ‘Sorry’) then I hope you don’t agree with them, I hope you’re just trying to start a debate or something!

27 07 2009

@ Ffion

I’m pretty sure what he was referring to was, that no baby mother needs 55grand to feed her baby. Of course Nas is paying to keep her lifestyle up. Meth realised the maid service was a dumb comment and said I’ll take that back.
And he even said a dozen times, that he doesnt want to speak of ALL women, but the “gold diggers” going out for a ball player, or musician.

I ain’t sayin’ I agree with all they were saying, but like Bashy said, they got a point. Are thos 55 thou to take care of the baby? Or to take care of Kelis?

Lol @ Red… 5,000, the way I be shopping you only need 2,000 lol

27 07 2009

I hope so 🙂

However you’ve got to look at everything differently with people who earn such a huge amount of money. $55K probably isn’t that much to Nas, it’s not like she’s asking a guy on benifits to give her that much! It must be in proportion to his earnings because a judge isn’t going to let him starve. What if that’s the kind of money she usually makes and now she has to give up her career to be a full-time mum to give their child the best up bringing possible. Don’t most mothers just want the best for their child, and if $55K is obtainable to her why wouldn’t she want that for herself and her child.

I know Meth regretted what he said, but he must have been thinking it (and probably other sexist thoughts) to have said it. He was saying he wasn’t speaking about all women, but then most of the time he was generalising hugely and he also said he wasn’t talking about the Kelis/Nas case in particular, so he was completely contradicting himself. It’s funny how his own mother can do no wrong, and yet all other women are gold diggers. Sounds like his mum was a bit of an idiot for NOT asking for money and letting her children go hungry!

Anyway, I’ve got everything out, I’m calmer now haha.

27 07 2009
Dont Watch Daht

Shheeet Ive Never Seen Ppl Go Soo Deep….. But Ima Have 2 Partly Agree With Ffion Cos Yu Came Hard On This Nd Its Not Even Lyke Ur Chattin Bare Shit What Ur Sayin Is Da Truth But On The OtherHand Im kindah Positive Daht No One Actully Needs $55k A Month Cos Really Think About It Now Dahts Quite Alot Money… But Dahts Just My Opinion Init…. Nd Daht Was Kindah Deep The Way How Yu Jumped On His Mum Dowe….. Lyke Callin Her An Idiot….

28 07 2009

Kelis has stated that she’s entitled 2 maintain the expensive lifestyle that she was living whilst she was married 2 Nas:

Fair enough she needs money 2 raise the child but honestly, £55,000 alot more than enough 2 raise a child. I don’t know the whole story but I heard that they broke up because Kelis has a secret sex tape out wit Infa Red from Ruff Ryders & she wanted 2 file 4 divorce b4 Nas did. In that case, the ‘lifestyle’ she was enjoying whilst wit Nas is not mandatory if the finances are being claimed in support for the baby.

Even u as a rational woman should c that this is abit of a pisstake. If the man regretted wat he said in the midst of his anger, accept his words & move on, u can’t say that he must have been thinkin it if ur not in his thoughts. Its jus like u thinkin that as u stated, his mother is an idiot 4 not askin for money & lettin her children go hungry wen u don’t even know his mother or his upbringin. He was clearly puttin across that he’s mother wasn’t like the kinda wimen that he’s describing “IF we starved, we’d starve 2gether”.

Meth & Red might have said some ignorant things wit regard 2 being angry but I personally feel they were venting their frustration wit the way wimen get away wit most elusive things in society.

28 07 2009

🙂 lol great. Let’s agree, something’s wrong with this world, or the people living in it rather lol.

28 07 2009

I’m going to apologise for calling his mum an idiot, it was too strong a word and you’re right I don’t know her, she’s probably a lovely lady! I get the whole “If we starved, we starve together” thing, buuuut he made it sound like his dad wouldn’t have been starving with them, like it was just his mum and the kids in that situation because she didn’t want to ask his dad for money. I could have misunderstood though. I still maintain that his maid service quote was a very extreme sexist view to have, no matter how angry he was, but not going to argue about that anymore!

I know a baby doesn’t need that much money; and I had heard that Kelis had talked about maintaining her lifestyle which I agree does sound ridiculous. However it could just be the media blowing things out of proportion.

I don’t quite understand your ‘women get away wit most elusive things in society’ point. Women have been considered second class citizens for centuries, and men have got away with treating women that way forever by enforcing laws that give women no rights (I know things have changed here but there’s still a long way to go in many countries). So I don’t quite know what you think women are getting away with?

28 07 2009
Dont Watch Daht

Amen! 2 Daht Right Dere…

30 07 2009

ok u can shutup now! everything meth n red sed was true THE END!

31 07 2009
Dont Watch Daht

Are Yu Talking 2 Me?!

31 07 2009

Think it was probably aimed at me not you haha. There’s another vid up now, I’m not even going to watch it, it’ll only start me off again!

1 08 2009
Dont Watch Daht

Ooh….. Nd Iyte Lool

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