At the Movies with Bish Bash Bosh – Bruno

14 07 2009

Right I went to see this movie with a beautiful young lady. Some childish guy didn’t wanna get out my seat & wanted to make a fuss until the steward told him to & his girl to move ‘I don’t know whats wrong with people sometimes’ anyway. I thought this film was okay but I don’t reckon its as good as Borat personally. There were some funny bits but on the whole there was just too much naked stuff for no reason. The two funniest bits for me were playing the baby gangter rap & the man crying at the MMA Fight..too funny!

If you wanna go out & catch some joke then go & see it but If you want something with more of a story forget it. I’m straight looking forward to Harry Potter…thats next on my list!




2 responses

14 07 2009
Charlie Roberts

Everygirl asks me to go see this film with them! but I’m like …. Bun dat! Cah it’s not rightous! Some eediat stupidness!

16 07 2009

Ima Go Nd Watch It But I Have 2 Wait Until The 24 July 4 Da 15 Rated Version =] Do Yu Think Its Worth Watching Cos Der Gonna Cut Out Bare Bits ??

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