Bizzle Vs. Jammer??

7 07 2009

1st it was Wiley & Skepta now Bizz & Jammer seem to be getting into it …as long as it’s kept on a musical tip it’s all good!

Jammer going @ Lethal …

Bizzle going @ Jammer …

What you guys saying?




6 responses

7 07 2009

bizzle merked him

7 07 2009

Lethal’s 1 annoyed me cus he dissed Logan 4 not playin Fire Camp songs. Logan Sama plays the best grime music so if your not making the best grime music it won’t get played! Bizzle’s 2 used to having his songs on radio 1 playlist so the dj’s have to play them and thats not how the music biz should b. Good 4 him getting money and helping his mum get money thats positive but don’t come back and jus show off and beef wit every1 cum back and do sum collabos and try 2 help the scene grow. So Jammer wins because he works wit ppl on the scene and cares about Grime music and our scene unlike Lethal Bizzle. I hope Lethal’s next album is suuccessful but i dont need to hear him show off. I’ve never heard dizzee show off about rich his platinum albums have made him. Bashy what do u think about Lethal bizzle’s attitude towards the u.k urban scene?

7 07 2009

Cuz, this is nuff old…Im telling you…I heard this years ago…especially Jammers one!!

8 07 2009
Picky Head

Cristoph u cant of heard this years ago coz its all about whats been happenin on grime daily n them vids have only been goin a few weeks

10 07 2009

jammer’s 1 is old it was dem days when wiley n lethal were goin at each other

18 07 2009
blah blah

i rememeber those days, POOOOWWW!!!

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