Dizzy Dizz has offically gone clear …

3 07 2009

…as if we didnt know that! Great article about him in todays Guardian.



Dylan Mills is Dizzee Rascal, the 24-year-old rapper, songwriter and producer who won over the welly-wearers with his fabulous set at Glastonbury. Not that he’s anything like Jackson, of course, apart from being talented and prolific from a young age. Their differences are legion. As Peter Robinson put it in last Saturday’s Guardian, Jackson was almost superhuman, inventing totally new ways of dancing, singing and being. Dizzee, by contrast, is human to a fault. He raps about pulling his socks up, sirens, and – pardon me – “pussyoles”. Next to Jackson’s ghostly chalk, he is very much a cheese of the kind stocked in your corner shop.





One response

3 07 2009

This is good to hear people outside of the music scene are other people are understanding hown big dizze has come from the grime scene.bashy seen you in a interview on u tube you said your going to crash a couple festivals and concerts please come to t4 on the beach and loved your album too…..

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