Luis Vuitton Don!

24 06 2009

Kanye’s official Luis Vuitton Trainers …BIG!

What u lot sayin?




7 responses

24 06 2009
courtney walters

there crazyyy.
the hi top don’s look well nice.
the black ones look soo goood.

24 06 2009

The last two are mint.. Not suprised since his Yeezy’s were so good. Wish they’d sold those in bulk..

Not a fan of tassle laces though.

24 06 2009

Da Top 3 Are DECENT Not Feelin Da Last Wuns Dowe Dont Fink I Could Rock Dem HMMM….

25 06 2009

nah they’re soo weak…if they didnt have his name attached to them these are the sort of things you see in TkMaxx, some no name shoes u never heard of…for bandwagon jumper only!

3 07 2009

They look awful. But people will buy them because of Kanye being associated with them. A bit gay looking really

17 08 2009

estou maluco com o que vi quero todos para mi one love

5 10 2009

Just found this oneline store with Authentic RL Polo shits have been looking for a while and even have been to ebay but its all fake there. Big Pony Polo RL !


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