Grime ‘All Stars’ Vs Rock ‘All Stars’

22 06 2009

Friendly football match with myself, Griminal, JME, Ghetto & Shorty up against ‘Rock All Stars’ LMAO

Who would be your fantasy Grime Football Team & why? lemme know! LOL




6 responses

22 06 2009

I would not have picked you bashy, after that performance haha

22 06 2009

Grime fantasy football team uuuummm……. ok il give this a try!!!
goalkeeper _ BIG NARSTIE ( nothings gettin past him lol )
right back _ TINIE TEMPAH ( name )
centre x2 _ CRAZY TITCH ( fuk goin near him lol ) GHETTO ( lol tuff tackler ) left back _ SCORCHER ( he’l score shots from anywhere lol )
right mid _ TINCHY STRYDER ( quick!! I HOPE lol )
centre mid x2 _ WILEY ( as captain ) SWAY ( U WANNA TRY IT WIT HIM ??? lol )
left mid _ MR WONG ( cos you’ll need sum1 2 blame if u lose LMFAO )
strikerz x2 MY MAN BASH ( confidence ) n DIZZEE RASCAL ( leave em’ dizzy )
if wong’s playin shit REPLACE HIM WIT JME!!
I tried blud,, no beef 2 wong tho!!

22 06 2009

I would defo have Kano, an Akala in ther, cuz Kano almost played footie pro, an Akala cuz saw him on socceram wit his skillz.
Wretchroboy an scorcher, saw them play against each other on wretch’s blog an they looked pretty good.
then i would have Bish bash bosh, Wiley, Skepta, Ghetts, Tinch, Sway an Lethal B ( they got the Ghanian skillz).
That would destroy any opposing genre.

22 06 2009

haha thats funny..who were u against? I couldnt make the people out…

24 06 2009

dogzilla in goal

back 4: double s, griminal, devlin, brutal

midfield: ghetto, scorcher, wretch, bashy

upfront: kano & jme

24 06 2009

“O my gosh bare black boys in the park playin football” thatz not the reason y the police are circulatin, dnt get too happy n dnt make a big deal out of it wat a dumb bitch man….the stupid sket who talkin near the video cam is dumb as fcuk…. jus let them play footy n shut ur rass up

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