Did I tell u CMiYC was out?

19 06 2009

bash pre order





It’s a great album even if I do say so myself LOL …oh & so do these guys …

“cements his position as one of the UK’s most talented lyricits” – RWD“a new swagger is appearing in grime” – THE WIRE“his ascent to the mainstream continues” – MUSIC WEEK“wave upon wave of creativity” – AU [Ireland]“a new notable talent & a fresh voice from the London streets” – CLASH




4 responses

19 06 2009

Yes! i have to say it is a great album..

its an album where you skip no tracks!!!

but you dont need me to tell you that.

keep it up.

20 06 2009
any guy

u havnt mentioned the guardian interview with u yet?? its a good look

20 06 2009

Well i was going to buy your CD today before i stopped off at the local tescos in Chichester and asked you for a picture.. an you said no. hatings man, shouldn’t dish your fans bruv.

22 06 2009

Was delivered two days before to Germany

Great Album, waiting till you ‘take a trip to Germany’ 🙂

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