Skepta Vs. Wiley????????

16 06 2009

Dont know if I’m super slow on this but looks like these two are going @ it …

Wiley getting @ Skepta …

Skepta gettin back @ Wiley …

Jeeez, two of Grime’s finest go 2 War …what u lot sayin?




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16 06 2009

duno for me i perfer wiley as an mc but i think skepta won dis won

16 06 2009

I dont understand why they are going at each other are they friends or not cos its just pointless and none of them made money from it i dnt think .

16 06 2009

i couldnt believe it man wen i saw these on youtube but its kinda mad how skepta says ‘your ma bredrin init’ on da same vid!! wtf cant call sum1 ya bredrin den dubb em off!?

16 06 2009

Promo Stunt

16 06 2009

wrong way round, skepta did his 1st then wiley replied.

only annoing thing is its not grime, there both hip hop tracks just by grime artists.

20 09 2009

incorrect wiley boyed off skepta in the zip it up track with giggs and trigga

16 06 2009

bish bash bosh there goin at eachuva just to increase record sales… its funi it happens at the time bof there albums are released.. why dont you go in on them and earn sum more P…

16 06 2009

Bashy i think u meant ONE of grimes finest goes 2 war……..With Wiley. Seriously wtf was Barnet thats the worst song i’ve heard all year. Skepta definately won and made it look easy. Wiley’s obviously past clashing and beef he just needs to make pop albums now and stay in his big house in the country 🙂 He used to be good when he was grime but now….he’s no1. Every1 make sure u go out and buy Microphone Champion and of course Catch me if You can

16 06 2009

Wiley got destroyed on this one, his song was pooooor
No lie it was a publicity stunt tho

not onto ransom levels tho

16 06 2009

it was the other way round skepta sent for wiley first mate

16 06 2009

At a time when UK music is at its peak with many known UK artists now at the charts, I think they should be pullin together and take advantage of the opportunity of actually getting out there more init. But It could be an act to publicise their albums still, either way, its good for their pockets but in return, it gives the scene a bad look…

16 06 2009

is it just for hype round skepta n wileys album drops! rather then real beef! but if it is skepta wins with the line bout its all in ya name…………..take away the W take away the Y, fix the rest up ……. Lie. merked

16 06 2009

Karl obviously hasn’t heard Race Against Time … Wiley IS grime. Nomore pop shit … he lost this battle for sure, but wiley’s album is miles ahead of skeptas, i think thats most peoples views. not taking anything away from skepta his album is good .. but wiley goes arrrrrd!

18 06 2009

I’ve heard race against time and the beats r grime but wiley doesnt seem 2 say anything original enough 4 me 2 go buy the album its an ok album but Microphone Champion is easily better. I would buy race aganst time if it was an instrumental album but if i wanna hear good mc skills i’ve got 140 grime st, catch me if you can and microphone champion so race against time isnt needed cus it desnt come close to any of those albums.

16 06 2009

ah man..wileys album i proper rate…but his beefs put me off him..cant ya’ll jus get along?! The uk need to stick together innit

16 06 2009

skpetas album is a good MIXTAPE wileys album is brilliant ALBUM

30 06 2009

yeah definately agree with that.

1 07 2009

u can’t b talkin about Wiley’s new album or Skepta’s new album. My favourite wiley album is roll deep’s Rules and Regulations but he’s not that gd on his own anymore.

16 06 2009

For me, wileys album was better but i admire skepta more as an mc (no homo)
however all this talk about king of grime is just a game of tag in the playground.
Skepta can’t say Wiley isnt grime cause he made Rolex cause he jumped on that too and then made sunglasses at night. Which kind of floped.
Anyways… in term of this pety clash, Wiley murked.

16 06 2009
... that really wileys house, his very big house in the country? (ha)

30 06 2009

no it aint listen 2 wiley’s tune- “that is not my house in the country, i aint sitting on the wall like humpty”

16 06 2009

Wileys album is boring. All old songs. Heard them aaaaaaages off as radio rips or on YouTube. Skeptas had old bars from Rinse sets etc. None of them we’re that great tbh. But Skepta killed Wiley. Wiley should stick to his dance music like Dizzee.

16 06 2009

yo bash u got it wrong…skepta sent for wiley 1st n wiley replied

i think wiley came harder bt skepta kinda merk aswell

16 06 2009

lol yeahh its all for publicity though their mates and that .. apparently its not his house + theres a blue car parked in the drive, wileys only got 2 black cars

17 06 2009

its a promo ting i think but it has bin goin on ever sice skepta started chattin bout king of grime business

17 06 2009
road smart





17 06 2009


17 06 2009

wiley got this. skepta was havin jokes.

wiley took offence to it and said some percy shit ‘not in bbk no more’
‘he was a nobody, we let him mc around us’

18 06 2009

wiley eat him up…i fink skepta isnt even in the same league…hes a basic mc…wiley owns dis…its long for certain man!!

18 06 2009

Skepta won hands down on some mayweather ish

18 06 2009

Was that really Wiley’s yard, you rekon?

18 06 2009

I worked this out its def a promo stunt in my eye’s think about it.

“We All No You Heard My Man’s Tune Zip It Up” – Isnt that promo for Wiley? so people rush out and cop it?

Most people saying Skepta’s got the hardest beef track, Well since he gave Wiley promo so people cop that to hear the song to understand skepz reply that how he got promo with having the hardest track so people think he’s big.

What you sayin Bash?

Promo or not?

18 06 2009

O and another ting aint they on the same camp? or were BBK? so there a high chance skepta heard the track before it was on the album aint it?

18 06 2009
young c

skepta won dat easy but wiley is better than skepta , race against time is definatley better than microphone champion. wiley is a legend! still a fan of skepta tho. wileys skeptas and bashys albums came out on the same day n they r all big!! if u aint got them all WAT R U DOIN BRUV!! haha

21 06 2009

Listen to Skepta’s Westwood freestyle, and this is basically his entire album. I have both Skepta’s microphone Champion and Wiley’s race against time…and lets just say it looks like Wiley was in a race against time to finish it, because im not feelin it at all, despite having heard most of the bars on skepta’s album before I still think it is slightly better.

22 06 2009
Dee Dee

Blatant publicity stunt……although I think skepta’s a basic mc, I must admit that skepta killed it though, he had better punch lines…..take away the w, take away the y, mix up the over letters all you do is lie!

PS – Wiley’s house is noice…..if that was mine I wouldn’t leave the house neither!

24 06 2009


24 06 2009

are friends

4 07 2009
mc something in one

for those that didnt know wiley sent for skepta first,listen to zip it up on race against time,(im a king when i rolled through anywhere your just a king when you roll through barnet )skepta herd it then made, in the country , then wiley replied back to that, but this has beeen brewing for month , over a comment skepta made in one interview about wiley (it was indirect but wiley clocked it) when he was complaining how can certain people get deals when they turn up for shows go to youtube type skepta chat shit bout wiley it should pop up

10 07 2009

doin it just for money and wiley barnet was makka!!!!

31 07 2009
Man Murkz Headz

Bashy killed wiley, made him look like any bre

31 07 2009

Skeptas was jokes. and he slew wiley. it was actually orignal. wileys was jus average beef bars.

and whether or not it was a publicity stunt, it will prob b publicity anyway.

but its a shame if wiley actually left bbk. skepta better stay in roll deep. wiley shudnt kick him out like dizzee

16 08 2009

Man Wiley dnt realy smack up country tune compare 2 skepta but Wiley is better Grime artist still. Wiley, Bashy Dizze Top uks finest

8 12 2009

Skepta merked it with “So lemme merk this guy its all in your name fam I dont need to try. I take away the W, I take away the Y fix up the other letters all you do is just lie.”

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