Later, Ru mad! if a girl did this to me i would shave her head BALD!!

15 06 2009

In this day & age you really cant get away from anything! or anyone!

Have you ever been cheated on or been a cheater & got caught, lemme know!




5 responses

15 06 2009
Warren F

surely she could get done for that the video is evidence..

15 06 2009

Yeh its mad, she is crazy she obviously dont give a fuck..


15 06 2009


15 06 2009
The Tryker Kid

Two words: Criminal damage! What he did was wrong but breaking the law is going WAY too far and she deserves the consequences

16 06 2009

this is jokesss.
that girls got issues mann!
My ex cheated on meee, i jus told him how it is an made him realise what an excuse for a man he is. no violence involvedd.

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