What’s Your Favourite Track/s then?????

9 06 2009

As you may or may not know LOL!!!! Catch Me If You Can was released last week …CLICK HERE 2 BUY IF NOT!

I wanna know what u like, dont like, hate, love …get @ me ladies & gents!




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9 06 2009


9 06 2009

Alie, Copycats one of the top onez!

9 06 2009

Shes a gangsta, we can do anything and ransom!!!:)

9 06 2009

She’s a gangster, Copycat, We Can Do Anything, Ur Wish Is My Command are sik!!!
Personally I skip the N-Dubz song but thats the only one. Fantastic album!!! 🙂

9 06 2009

Change Is Da ARRDEST!

9 06 2009

Ransom,Copycat,Livin my dream,travel the world,millionaire and before before are the best traks.

9 06 2009

change is so sick, shes a gangsta and copy cat probably song 1-17 are the best

9 06 2009

Shes a gangster, copycat and your wish is my command are the stand out tunes for me, Can listen to whole album , however not a fan of the tune wit N-Dubz…Big Album

9 06 2009
CiCi designs


keep doing you.

9 06 2009
Charlie Roberts

Living My Dream and Change are emotional to me!

Travel the World is also a great song! (email us if you want a video made coz I got a great concept).

Ransom is quiite simply genius!

Where’s that tune you played called ‘It’s So Hard’?

9 06 2009
Charlie Roberts

Before Before is heavy but I was tumping it before before Catch Me If You Can was released so I bait knew all the words when I bought it.

9 06 2009
Carl AD

Copycat is sick, den probs life, day before i die your wish is my command and she’s a gangsta, da video 4 ransom is sick as wel

9 06 2009

I think ransom was the hardest and the tune with n-dubz should get a vid

10 06 2009

nah, man then its like bashy is doin a tinchy

9 06 2009
Richard Bell

Only track I skip is travel the world which says alot about this album rate it – alot! Fav tracks probably Copy Cat, Before Before, We Can Do Anything, Shes Gangsta, Ransom… it changes everyday but thats probably my top 5!

9 06 2009

‘Copycat’, ‘Life’, ‘Before Before’ And ‘Ransom’. Before Before Should Defo Be Your Next Video!
Great Album!

9 06 2009

Shes a gangster- you went on some different level s*** there! Woo, i listened to the whole album like 3 times on the day i copd it, was worth the money! What video you gona do next:P?

9 06 2009

I’m still waiting for mine 2 b delivered but atm before before is my favourite song cus of the dizzee rascal bars and the desmonds reference.

9 06 2009

i tink all da songs r gr8 some better thn others obviously but its a quality album, best songs (not in order):
shes a gangsta
we can do anything
and of course who wants 2 b a millionaire
thats pretty much all of em lol. uv mixed quality grime with quality beats

9 06 2009

Shes a gangsta,randsom,change,travel da world

9 06 2009

change ,ransom copycat should be the single. very catchy and everyone can relate ….except of course the copycats

9 06 2009

before before, change, day before I die, copy cat, ransom, who wants to be a millionaire, sorry, what about me, living my dream…
man its a good album
not too sure about sum of the tracks tho- sum are a bit too popp for my liking..but still big album man

9 06 2009
Troy Ledgerwood

Ransom is simply brilliant the video is another level 🙂
She’s A Gangsta now thats a tune 🙂
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is a song you have to love 😀


10 06 2009

she’s a gangsta + number 13 whatever that is

10 06 2009

Change & what about me!

10 06 2009

Copycat should definitely be the next single.

My favourite track though is What About Me, absolutely amazing tune!

10 06 2009

Shes a gangsta…STRAIGHT!!!

10 06 2009

copycat would be a catchy single if you got da video right

10 06 2009

travel the world,ransom and copy cat!

10 06 2009

yeahhh bash well done on the album bruv.
my personal fave tracks r before before, good intro song to the album, i heard wen u did glastonbury i fink? change is a big track the beat is massive n u talk real deep on it, i like travel the world she’s a gangsta is real frickin talk! wow lol living my dream is a good one as well, day before i die reminds me of a track u did with scorcher n wretch back in the day, when u talk about the last things u wud do before u die, i fink it was called ‘before i fly’ i fink it was called big track! THE ONLY TRACK that gets a strate SKIP is ‘sorry’ its so ‘anti-bashy’ lmao from when u listen to tracks like ‘slag’ n ‘refused to love’ ‘we got links’ EVEN ‘phonebook’ frm bashy.com they are alll reallllll tracks about how stupid gyal can go on, n its like the sorry track is u apolgisin so it makes them traks less real nw, cus u dnt mean it no more, its tracks like those wich is why ur one of the realest artists, jme tends to right similar lyrics like those at times too (famous) other than that bash nice one with the album oh yh i read n article sayin ‘life’ was a let down? that tracks fire

10 06 2009

Oh my days i forgot about ‘What about me’ WTF?
Hw did i forget that? BEST track on the whole album, that is on repeat on my itunes. ‘NOW MY FACE IS HOT, LIKE A DUBAI SUMMER’ FAKARFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!! It reminds me of the kinda concepts n stuf u always do, this one is a great concept of hw ashley n bashy r kinda fallin out with each other, fakarrrfffffff! massive. i like copycat to, it actually made me laugh out loud lol next single shud b what about me, copycat wud b ok, tht song reminds me a bit of dream by dizzee, she’s a gangsta wud even b a gd single, i do wish ther was a few more uptempo songs, n maybe b 1 or 2 mre gritty ones, but great album bash. chupa chups remains the greatest disc frm the UK underground !

10 06 2009

raaah man i love the whole album its sickkk!
fav songs – my wish is your command and day before i die – thaats my tune.


11 06 2009

Ransom & Life are my favourites, but I like the remake [if you call it that] of We Can Do Anything the most.

with love from NYC! ❤

11 06 2009

This albums big! Theres not a tune i don’t like
Gotta say tho, who wants to be a millionaire is sick, listened to that countless times.
Keep it up, your running things right now

12 06 2009
verbal contrast

shes a gangster got real nice vocals and lyrics, ransom thats a big idea for the story line, and copy cat for the total contrast

a big album

12 06 2009
Nicole 'Cherries TnT' Louis

I agree wid Deano!!!1 B4 B4 wud probably do well as a next vid; but i really wanna c a vid for Copy Cat and Travel da World…

I ab-so-lutely luv those three songs but also Ransom, We can do anything, sorry, living my dream..

v. hot album hun ! ‘sho co de fhey’ – patwa lingo hahahaaaa :o)

12 06 2009

Bash, I LOVE The Whole Thing =)

Faves Are.. She’s A Gangsta.. Change.. Ransom.. Sorry & Day Before I Die !!!

I Played Sorry About 90 Time The First Time I Listened To It.. Its Actually AMAZING.. And Me Being A Woman I Was Like Awww Bless You !!

12 06 2009

And I Just Read Obewun’s Comment.. Sorry Aint So Anti-Bashy.. At The End Of The Day Girls Can Do Stupid Tings But So Can Men.. And Like Bash Says In The Trak Mother Nature Gave Us The Ability To Give Life.. So Just Cos Some Gals Are Divs Dont Mean EVERY Girl Shud Be Treated Like Crap.. Or Called Names.. Or Stereotyped.. If Ur Mother, Sister or Daughter Was To Get Verbally, Mentally, Physically Or Sexually Abused Ud Go Mad So Thats Why Hes Sayin Sorry.. Not Just Cos Of His Lyrics But For The Way Alot Of Men Treat Women Because They Give A Bad Name To Good Men Who Treat Women With Respect.. I Personally Think Its One Of The Realest Traks Bashy Has Ever Done =)

18 06 2009

lol nah man u don’t understand bein a man, its tunes like slag and how to pick a wifey why bashy always gets blasted in my speakers, but if u look at artists like Eminem, he would do the same things, and so would even people like Method Man great artists, but dont mean they dont like women or nothin (em’s got a daughter and 2 adopted ones) its just they way they feel towards towards they’re experiences and i felt like bash was kinda takin that back,when we never thought he meant it to every girl, just some as u sed not every girl is like that. so that kinda where I was coming from. him sayin sorry is almost like he was doin sumfin bad when he wasnt, u kno? hes an artist he just expresses his views.

18 06 2009

Yh I See What Ur Sayin… But That Dont Make ‘Sorry’ Any Less Real Than Anyother Trak He Has Done.. And The Trak Aint Just Him Apologizing for his lyrics… Thats Only A Small Part Of The Song… Hes Apologizing For Men Who Do Not Respect Women Point Blank… No Matter Who They Are.. I Do Understand What Ur Saying.. But Like I Said That Don’t Mean Its Not A Good Song.. Its Bloody AMAZING =)

14 06 2009

yes bashy
the best track of the album is day before i die
the album is big still

17 06 2009

I think Change, copycat, who wants to be a millionaire and day before i die are very hardd tunes.

22 06 2009

Have to Bashy ur album is SICK!!
loads of different styles of music on one album
i dnt usually buy albums but this one is an exception! well done!
my favourite tracks are: Before Before, Change and living my dream!
bring out copy cat as ur next single man!

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