Chipmunk – Diamond Rings feat Emilie Sande

2 06 2009


I heard the instrumental a while back cos Naughty Boy Produced it I was wondering who would take it. Chip Diddy Chip has taken it & done something special on this one. With guest vocals from Ms Sande its definitely a winner. It was Radio Ones song of the week & dj have started battering it already! I AM CHIPMUNK CONCERT IS ON FRIDAY 19TH JUNE & I WILL BE GIVING AWAY 8 PAIRS OF TICKETS…SO WATCH THIS SPACE!




2 responses

2 06 2009

rahh i like it still but grime sold out, from murkin on pirate radio back in the day to now this pop shit

2 06 2009

wow..what IS chipmunk?
hes crazy…i know where ‘badderman’ is comin from…yeah his sound has defo changed..u say sold out, i say versatile..i guess if ur on ur grind u gotta make it sum how…if the only way to get mainstream is thru a more poppy route, thats what ur gonna take rite?
sound may b a bit diff, but he still delivers…his bars are still good (even if they;re a bit slower!)
his videos are amazing (when he says flawless…is that actually them from bitains got talent?) his videos are amazing, i love this new wave of great videos (from bashy and chippy)proper quality videos- aint no channel u stuff! (not dissin that channel tho…its made sum good artists!)
met him last year at a gig of mine 🙂
chipmunk tho-give us ur old flavour back!

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