‘CATCH ME IF YOU CAN’ – My Journey Begins

1 06 2009


Boy what can I say? It has been a long time coming but the day has finally arrived. I have poured all my energy into last 18months getting my debut album together. I like to think it took me 24 years to gather all the inspiration to make this. There has been nuff highs & nuff low points whilst making this album & emotionally it was alot of pressure as well a mentally. I am finally embarking on my professional journey & pray to the universe that I have a long & successful career. For me this is the beginning of the next level. Wish me luck!



My Debut Album Catch Me If You Can

My Debut Album 'Catch Me If You Can'













9 responses

1 06 2009

FINALLY BLUD!! I GAVE UP HOPE,, good tingz r coming ur way,, just PLZ PLZZ PLZZZ dont be another artist,, who’s creativity gets fuked up by mainstream,, sorta made in2 pop, DNT GET 2 SUGAR COATED N KEEP IT REAL,, say it like u wanna NOT JUST WHAT EXECUTIVES WANNA HEAR SO URA PUPPET,, by all means make money,, BUT DNT DO IT OFF A LIE,, most of all!!! DONT LIE 2 YOURSELF,, best of luck blud ………… BLESS

1 06 2009

Album arrived this morning in the post. Gonna be the soundtrack to my day.

1 06 2009

ahhhh bashyyyy
not recieved the album yet (I was pissed when i got up and it hadnt arrived!!!) got hope for tomorrow still…
cant wait maynnnnne, biiig look bashy..big look..
i love ur video blogs..shows that fame hasnt got to you..ur still normal fam 🙂
seriously tho man, i have supported u since day dot..good luck man, u dont even need luck,
ragz to riches..amazing..like u have made it with out any of those big bosses..
and u kno what.. allow the leaking shit- dont listen to that people..support bashy by not giving those videos views…wait for the album innit..thats where u’ll hear the real quality n all that…
seen u live twice nooow..cant wait to hear u do the new album shit..
anyway, nice one man..well done

1 06 2009

If the albums good enough ppl will buy it once they’ve heard it on Youtube. Thats wat i do wit albums even though i know this one won’t disappoint. I’m so happy u finally got an album out Bashy i’ve been waiting for such a long time so have a lot of ppl its gunna be a classic if its anything like your mixtapes.

1 06 2009

AAH its not arrived yet!! I’m sat by the door like a dog waiting for th postman!
Sure it won’t disappoint at all.. Congratulations man.
Summer 09 Soundtrak = Catch Me If You Can

Peace x

1 06 2009

bashy are you fucking stoned in that video

1 06 2009

Bought the album this mornin, its def the album of 09. Especially like ‘travel the world’ ‘ransom’ who wants 2 be a millionaire’ ‘we can do anything’ ‘livin my dream’

3 06 2009

the album is just as i expected. tooo sickkk, keep it up bashyy. xx

4 06 2009

well done bashy. wish u all the best

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