Love Music Hate Racism – Stoke

30 05 2009

Today was nuts…I was asked to perform at Love Music Hate Racism. Its a good cause, it promotes unity & urges people to vote because the BNP are sneaking into positions of power ever so slyly & they are straight up RACIST! The Crowd were heavy & the Stoke City Football ground was plush! I saw Wiley, Roll Deep, Chippy, Ironik, VV Brown & Toddla T. Beverly Knight quickly ran through the green room  & I bumped into Kano in the hallway by my dressing room. All in all it was a good day & show…FUCKING LOVED IT!




Bish Bash Bosh  & Eski Boy

Bish Bash Bosh & Eski Boy


Chip Diddy Chip - Mr Diamond Rings

Chip Diddy Chip - Mr Diamond Rings


Toddla T Repping the Bish Bash Bosh I was shocked!

Toddla T Repping the Bish Bash Bosh I was shocked!


Supporters wanted Autographs as I was leaving!

Supporters wanted Autographs as I was leaving!




7 responses

31 05 2009
Dale Rooney

was dere 2day bash, u was large brother (y)
true that

who wants 2 be a millionare?

ME aha

31 05 2009

Yo Bash, what ever happened to the remix video of beast with u wretch and chip?

31 05 2009
Stacey Burgess

Hiyer, oh my gosh, im on the fan picture of you where you stood on the stage and theres loads of people behind, also when you jumped onto the step thing on the barrier i grabbed hold of you and couldnt believe it then cried and almost passed out, im a real big fan, you were amazing, I LOVE YOU! xxxxxxx p.s im going to order a BISH BASH BOSH tee ❤

31 05 2009

i See The Profession in The Performance Gehme, Manz Still Buildin The Fanbase But U Man Was Large Truss C Wagwarnn Got 2 New Tunes Up Nuff Feedbak Lemme C Wahh Ur Sayin Fam

31 05 2009
Kyle Dockery

First time seein you and it was live!!
had mans skankin in the audience
big day hope it comes again soon!!!

1 06 2009

You Were Amazing! 😀 Got a right good video of you,
proper loved itt!! gutted didn’t get a picture with you tho.
still great dayyy, thanks! 😀

1 06 2009

its amazing to see artists such as urself supporting such a great cause..i am daily surrounded by people who have bnp tendancys and do not see anything wrong witht he party- coming from an asian backgrund of course I see whats wrong with the party..but it gives me faith to know that people use their fame for good causes…its great to see that people arent fazed by the parties and their elaborate jargon which just boils down to pure racism…
in this day and age i cannot believe that the bnp still exists, or that people still vote for them…im glad you did this show..cus things like that help…the ugly thought of having the bnp in power is horrible, truely horrible..
and so props man..
wasnt able to make this event but I caught you at the stoke lovemusic hate racism event you did last year 🙂

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