Charles Hamilton gets SMACKED!

23 05 2009

Thi guy cant stay outta beef! First it was Souljha Boy, then Rhymefest & now Mary J Bliges niece????

Apparantly they were dating or are still dating …

Full Video below!

What should Charles do next????????




9 responses

23 05 2009

Theres nothing really he can do he was dating the girl, its not like he’s gonna chris brown a ho lool but respect to him for not slapping her back.

24 05 2009

fuck that i don’t respect im for acting like a bitch and not slapping the bitch

she on radio talking like he a bitch

its simple females should not be hit by men but if she wants to start the violence she bettter give as good as she gets.

just because i may know a man that i know is weaker than me, it don’t give him the right to think he can hit me and get away with it, because he thinks i have morels FUCK THAT! she better learn her lesson

23 05 2009

this is how i would have done her but thats me

23 05 2009

This guy’s so fucking talented, I think I’ve got around 280 of his songs and like 20 of his mixtapes. That’s why it’s so annoying that he’s getting publicity for all the wrong reasons.

CH had the potential to be ‘the next big thing’, and last year he looked like he was gonna make 2009 his year when he dropped his album. But lately he’s been putting out below standard mixtapes, and it looks like Cudi and Drake are taking all the shine.

Such a shame, wish he’d stop putting out so many mixtapes and get in the studio for a couple months and record a quality album. Cause I reckon Interscope are gonna drop him. That being said, dude’s still one of my favourite rappers. And about the punch, he deserved it. He was talking about how she aborted their child… But at least he didn’t Chris Brown her, something that A LOT of guys woulda done.


24 05 2009

He’s talented but that punch was funny and if she reli did get an abortion e shouldnt have spoke about it. cus he doesnt have an album out he’s not reli big enough for ppl 2 care that he got punched either. Anyway rhymefest is soo much better than him so that bef was pointless. Bashy are you gunna do a review of Catch me if you Can.

24 05 2009
Nicole 'Cherries TnT' Louis

oooh deyar!!! 😮 / I think that was an A* socca – fan-dabe-doza!!! nuf guys need a good couple a dem! but not our Bashy :oX awww :o)

25 05 2009

shocking! lol

27 05 2009

Took it like a man … look at her face change when he says hit it raw … JOKES

31 05 2009
splendid bunch dot blogspot

sick freestyle still..

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