Tempah T Gives me too much joke!

21 05 2009

This guy has something different & I like that!




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21 05 2009

Tempa T is JOKER! I love it! he defintely encapsulated the raw essence of grime music in his video yet so unique! i remember seeing him at dirty canvas! he definitely got the crowd going! mad talent! big Post Bashy!

21 05 2009
22 05 2009
real talk

tempa t is swag, he is the standard of what grime was back in them early channel u days when shit mcs with no actually skill went on 2 the mic. nobody could ever relate 2 his tunes, n know would ever pay 2 see him if he was on concert he has no talent what so ever

22 05 2009

its tempa bashy not tempah looool

22 05 2009

gonna be honest….this year compared 2 2 years ago……THE SCENE IS GETTING BIG- DUN KNOW!!!


22 05 2009

da hype is back yh new crazy ishh

22 05 2009
silva knuckles

Raw energy haha

22 05 2009

wat he dus not have in lyrifcal talent AT ALLL he regurgitates in pure hypeeeeee . perfect for the INDUSTSRY type of music he cud get big. no good lyrics at all but hes funny

22 05 2009

the real talk guy is griminal

23 05 2009
grime lord

the video is pretty cool very unique but real talk has a point, temps is no where near the level of the best mcs which is why the best in the scene never have him featuring on thier albums or mixtape, i couldn’t spend my money on temps he is just about worth downloading, he needs to actually put some heartfelt lyrics in his bars then he will b alrght. no point being in the game 2 boy better knows hype man

16 06 2009

y do mans have 2 h8???
at the end of the day tempa t dun his ting
bare man in grime r feelin him n for good reason
1st he did battle riddim n now next hype…personally he’s about 2 blow in 09!
large up bashy, he’s no h8r n its gd he’s supportin other uk artists
dunn no

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