Bashy Interview on ITN

15 05 2009

Pre Order ‘Catch Me If You Can’

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6 responses

15 05 2009
silva knuckles

Good look keep hustling, I like the pretty comment but the interviewer sounded a bit jealous thou hahaha

15 05 2009
Passing By


Your Making big movements

15 05 2009

Dis Album is gonna be big june 1st

15 05 2009

Well done fam! You handled the interview 100% spot-on… Hopefully the youngers are seein’ everything you’re doin’ right now and lookin’ up to you coz you’re a damn good role model for them fe reeeal

Keep up the good work bredrin and I’ma keep promoting your music real hard on Urban Videos.


15 05 2009
Dee Dee

Bash you make a good interviewee……keep up the good media managemen – its all about the positive publicity!

15 05 2009

Aliie She Did Sound Kinda Jealous Lol
But Gd Interview Doe
Keep Bringin Out Dem Hard Tunes Yh 😀

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