Hatton Vs Pacquiao – WOW!

3 05 2009

Look…I rep UK all day, but fucking hell man…Ricky got knocked out….BAD!! Pissed for him. WTF?

Is this the End for Ricky Hatton? 




6 responses

3 05 2009

hahaha he got knocked the fuckk outttttt

3 05 2009

He boxed terribly. If he kept his guard up he may have stood a chance. Just tried to turn it into a brawl from the first punch. Just annoyed for him, he should retire now.

3 05 2009
Nate Dizzle

Watched it last night and I swear Ricky owes me the £15 pound I paid to Sky Box Office he needs to retire and find a new hobbie. He was so wack! Then he had the cheek not even to give an interview. Hatton has now jus proved that he was a decent fighter not a great and that he chokes on the big stage but can beat a lesser man if he fights in Manchester.

4 05 2009


4 05 2009

Got dicked on.
Felt so bad watching it. Shouldn’t have stayed up!

5 06 2009

ohh my days
my mate is philipino and keept going on about my uncle vs his uncle and well rubbed it in when rickyy lostt..
calling my little brother lil ricky and ting loool.

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