Bashy & Chipmunk buck up for N-Dubz Tour & See Tinchy

29 04 2009



Why's Stryder throwing up Number 2? He's Number 1 in the Chart right Now!

Why's Stryder throwing up Number 2? He's Number 1 in the Chart right Now!

Yesterday was a busy day for me boy. Chipmunk holla’d at me & said he wanted to go grab some garms from a marketing place I know, so I grabbed him from College real quick, he bought us lunch from one banging little spot in Totty, he had some fire bunning Jerk Chicken & got me my favourite….Oxtail…Jheeze . His management asked if I’d like to come to Ipswich to see the N Dubz Show on their Uncle B Tour later, Dappy already told me to make sure I hit one of the dates so decided to go with. So me & Chip flew to the marketing office real quick, some F1 stylie driving. We grabbed all the clothes we could, I had to meet a Documentary Filmaker cos he wanted to do a profile on me. So he was filming me driving Chip back to college, it was a good insight cos we was having some deep convo…make sure you look out for that interview. At the same time I had a phone interview with a journalist so I did that, then got back to the Documentary. Dropped the camera man off then chilled at Chippy’s college for a bit cos we was going N-Dubz an hour, so I signed a few autographs, took a few pics, waited a short while for Chip to finish then the people carrier came, I dropped my car near Chips yard & jumped in…went for a quick Mac Dees before the journey…WHICH IS LONG!!!


Shhh its Chip Diddy Chip - Currently at number 10 in the Chart with Ironik

Shhh its Chip Diddy Chip - Currently at number 10 in the Chart with Ironik


Mac D's fries Are the Best!

Mac D's fries Are the Best!

Who makes the best fries?

McDonalds, KFC, Nandos or Burger King


Chip, Bish Bash Bosh & D A to PP Fucking Y! Where was Fazer?

Chip, Bish Bash Bosh & D A to PP Fucking Y! Where was Fazer?

Back stage was joke…Tinchy was just getting ready in his room so I went, said whagwarn & congratulated him on his Number 1. Fuda was there too & a few other man from his squad. Dappy & Chip were playing keepy uppy with some football, I filmed it so I might put it up. If you wanna see it leave some comments & I will up it. Fazer kept on disappearing & Tulisa has her own dressing room & you can’t just barge in there, so didn’t get to see her. 

Just thought I'd show you the CrowdThis was only downstairs! Upstairs was ram too!




15 responses

29 04 2009

Yeh bash upload the video please mate wanna c it, cant wait for ur album

29 04 2009


29 04 2009

Nandos fries are the ones doin it for me boi !
T shirt looks ard bash, you releasin it ?

29 04 2009
Uh Huh

BK fries all day.
Post the footy ting

29 04 2009

mac d’s friees r da 1

plus i wana see Chip playing keepy uppy with dappy

29 04 2009

Its all about Ipswich 😉

And McDonalds fries str8 up!!!

Chipmunk is tooo muchhhhh

29 04 2009

na man its all about mac dz chips boi… and lol release da vid of dem man doin kick ups lol….and u c that market thing on saturday is it even gna b live?

29 04 2009

Itsz All Bout Dah Macy Deesz Chiipsz Mate…Buh Nandosz Onesz Are Noice Styll..!
Biish..Bash..Bosh..<<Luviin Dah T-Shiirt..!
Lol…Yh Release Dah Video..!

30 04 2009
Georgie-Louise :)

Stickk the video up of chip & dappy playing keepy uppys on here..x
was at the Ndubz concert in Ipswich the other day was mint….!!x

30 04 2009

oh shit..i just dont know..maccy ds?
Nandos is the best food tho..hands down!
tshirt is way cool..

1 05 2009

Hmmm thats a hard one, i think ill go with macy d’s styl 🙂
Buh nandos ones are doin alorrt.
The bish bash bosh t-shirt is ard’ i wanna get one 😀

1 05 2009

ahah nice picture of my back there, i was wondering who the big group standing next to us was. upload the video.

3 05 2009

bash r dem bish bash bosh t-shirts gettin realsed?

6 05 2009

was in thiss crowdddd!! fucking amazingg night luvd every minute of it .. thinkk u shud all cum bakk sooon 😀 uploaad that videoo plz xxx

20 05 2009


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