R.I.P Escobar

26 04 2009


Talented MC

Talented MC

I just can understand it, I’m in disbelief. We’ve lost another black man who’s whole life was ahead of him. I’ve spat with Esco back in the day when grime was rising…Palace Pavillion days, he was a talented mic man & he was a mad cool dude. It’s not just that but he’s my cousins brother so this has hit really close to my family. R.I.P Esco you will be missed.




6 responses

26 04 2009

Doesn’t him being your cousins brother mean he was your cousin?… unless he was your cousins half brother.

R.I.P. regardless. was a talented guy.

26 04 2009

lol i was gonna say da same ting jenny
wouldnt dat make him your cousin

26 04 2009
Passing By


26 04 2009

we’ve living in a sad time where people dont care for other peoples lives. However people are not helping the situation; news of the world quoted one of escobars tracks, insinuating that the muisc genre is to blame. Why are we not allowed to mourn sad times without blaming the victim? The media no nothing..and people who take ones lives know nothing-how can they do that?
people of this age should not be losing their lives but starting them..something has got to happen about all this violence…
rip x

27 04 2009

What needs to be addressed is why jermaine defoe left his brother in the ends. hes off making 60 gib a week yet his brothers still moving with the crooks from the bits

loose moving jd

28 04 2009

So jermaine defoe is bashy’s cousin???

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