At the Movies with Bish Bash Bosh – Shifty

24 04 2009
Good Film

Good Film


Well I was invited to a private screening for this film…(Thanks Mia). At first I thought here we go again…another fucking British Film about a day in the life of…My brain was ticking over like hasn’t Noel Clarke done this already?

Immediately my back was up.

So I went down Southbank to the BFI got my orange juice for me & my guest, sat down with my critical eyes ready.

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. The lead Riz Ahmed aka Riz MC fully takes on his role as Shifty to play a charismatic Drug Dealer saving his money & hiding his drug from his older brother.  Chris is his mate who has settled down into adult life & is shocked that Shifty who used to be top of the class has turned to street life. The actors were good & the director has painted a good picture.

It’s a very simple tale but you really get into the characters. The ending is really cool too. The Movie cost £100,000 so that makes it even more special. This is a good watch. I enjoyed it & so will you.





One response

24 04 2009

Im glad you reviewed this..
Riz is a legend..a great actor as well as a great MC…cannot wait to see it,
its a shame it snt showing wider across the country tho..may have to wait for it to be released on looks amazing tho..and the soundtrack with riz mc, sway and plan b is amaazing

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