45 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!

16 04 2009

45OK ladies & Gents, it’s about that time again to start the countdown to the momentous occasion that is the release of ‘Catch Me if You Can’ the debut album from Bish Bash Bosh …




7 responses

16 04 2009

bap bap bap cant wait nigga
although i seriously think u shud wait to drop an album until ur signed to propa label fam, think about how many people u could reach then??

think about how many people ur not gonna reach who wont have the ability to hear ur music because its not distributed the way it would be if u was properly signed, i dunno i just thought that about wretch when he dropped his album n ur my no.1 uk artist so no im STRONGLY thinkin u should wait

but either way lookin forward to june 1st!!!

16 04 2009

oh my dais cnt wait 4 this easily the biggest album of the year 4 me lol

16 04 2009

Yo obewun R U MAD?????
Bashy’s already released 2 underground mixtapes THAT WERE MASSIVE!!!
Hes gonna reach the people he needs 2, trust me, he aint no commercial rapper watered down 2 suit the industry,, he’s got a positive message in his lyrics which gets the kids listening, 1st time i heard him woz fuck wiley, on nas’s ether n i couldnt believe how good he woz, then i got his mixtapes n it creased me up, he tells things blunt but wit humor, i tell u BIG THINGS ARE DESTINED 4 HIM MANN!! Finaly the day i woz waiting 4’s beein announced, 1st june BIG UP BASH KEEP DOING UR THING

16 04 2009

I completly disagree with the person above..
you dont need a record company..I personally think that you are better without one..youve got this far already without one..so why have one now? Plus I think having a record company sort of isolates you from ur fans if that makes sense..
U dont need a record company cus you’ll already reach ppl who want to hear ur music..all things Urban your name is known on..1xtra, the lick, rwd mag, -if that makes sense..

so yeah..i disagree :)..

cant wait for the album..really lookng forward to it!

17 04 2009

Yo no name read my post again n again n again fuk it read it 1 more time!!
Yeah ???????? lol………… Now U R MAD!!
I didnt 1ce mention a record company, its going pretty far completly disagreeing wit everything i said, cos ur imaginary friends been touching u in unknown places…..lol!!

18 04 2009

Blaze..I was on about the one above you..urs hadnt come up when I commented..take a fuckin chill pill before u go mouthing off..oh my days…

28 04 2009

y is blaze ona hype ting for?
im jus sayin i heard in an interview that kanye sed because he couldnt get signed he was gonna release his album independently but he said he was glad he didnt cus of all the people he reached bein signed that he couldnt of if he wasnt n did it indie. and as u n blaze said bashy is an amazin artist so like, wouldnt we want him to reach more than just the ppl hu know him? theres ppl in like coventry that mite not know bashy but would respond well to him givin the chance. i first heard bashy on fuck the government with bruza back in like 05 n i fort this guuy is sickkkk, so i would love himn to reach another group of ppl, y know? i think deep down bashy would want to be signed to a major to be honest, do u reallllllly think ndubz would have got plat if they wernt signed to a major?? i dont. they would have dun well but not of sold 300,000 + albums.

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