Ransom pt1 (Catch Me If You Can Edit)

7 04 2009




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7 04 2009

really good video, nice promo as well. catch me if you can, im excited

7 04 2009

Good look!

7 04 2009

looks like the pic a few days ago was all for gd reason… bash this featurette is cold…. professonal, gd storyline (for once not just senseless violence).. narrative bed in the music plays well with it acting from scorcher and wretch no less then 32 bars was cooold. encore my brother encore

7 04 2009

The videos piff family !
Productions on point also
Gonna Put this on the blog
holla !

7 04 2009

Bash if man went by the sayin GO HARD OR GO HOME ud b the only man left out ther grindin tune n feature film is sick props to 32 n skywalker , this tune kills everyone in the game u man r on point, u did it bro rags to riches. Bless

7 04 2009

I rate this video: 62,342,676,716,736 out of 10

7 04 2009
Greezy J

Video’s big. very hard

bare people got fooled by that picture. Even allhiphop.com. Good promotion still

7 04 2009

good shit..

7 04 2009

EMOTIONAL !!!!!!!! i luv it famm

7 04 2009
laptop repairs sw london

Innovation at last

7 04 2009
Scaredem aka JLegend aka Ragz2Richez All MOFO Day!!!

To all the artists out there who are about to imitate…”ah we set da pace…STRAIGHT”
Ragz 2 Richez aka BIG MOFO(MutherF**king) BEN cos we let London know what time it is!!! The UK music scene was boring, no excitement, no spontanuity… Bish Bash Bosh has just revived its bloodcl**t!!!

7 04 2009

ur hard for da pic

glad ur well bigman


7 04 2009


This is fucking awesome!

7 04 2009

What can I say. I dont usually post on this shit but you came hard fam. Good promo – cant wait for the following parts – Go release your album cos ima buy it.

7 04 2009

London City stand up tall. UK Music stand up tall. Bashy stop killin em out here SNM

7 04 2009

you don’t even need me saying this is big
but its BIG

7 04 2009

RAaaaaaahhhhhhhhh this is it. Absolute quality, it’s about time. This your time Bashy. Love it.

7 04 2009

haha…you made all these hiphop sites cus everyone thought it was tru..at least it got u some publicity!
its a good video..like how it was shot,real professional n stuff..and real good track too..cant wait for the album!

7 04 2009

all these were fooled!
on point darg

7 04 2009

Diis Viid Looksz Mad Professional…Must Saii Actiin Is Orn Poiint..(Y)
Luvviin Dah Track nd Dah Collabosz…
Carnt Waiit 2 Purchase Dah Album..!!

7 04 2009

NO COMMENTS , the video speaks for it self… buh ima speak for it SWEDEN CHECK OUT MA BLOG lets see if the Swedish ppl loves it aswell


7 04 2009

cant w8 4 da album nd movie afta seein this

7 04 2009
Rok Von

Yoo Bashy you came dyam hard wit dis one You skywalker and wretch just set da fucking level. may i be the first to say to everyone else upgrage or up and leave da scene because U.K just arrived.
Also Bish Bash Bosh i beg you hold open auditons for the film Man let us up and comin Youts slide into da Acting scene
peace out fam
Aint nobody gonna be able to catch you know

7 04 2009

very, very sick………..nice concept, well excecuted A+

7 04 2009

you are a GUYMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 04 2009

i thought that was banging… i was up and out my seat boi
dat was good i rate you boii.
im excited cant wait…Bashy your just too good x

7 04 2009

FRIKKIN AMAZINNNN =D Catch Me If You cannnn aaaaah i cnt wait…albums gona b big!!! x

7 04 2009

oh man that was incredible

those were some of the best bars i’ve ever heard

7 04 2009

haha i cant actually believe I fell for it..guess it jus shows how good the make up artist was haha..is this actually guna b turned into a bigger film then it is?
the end confused me a bit..but I loved it
well acted by all three of u guys

7 04 2009
Lawrence Gichigi

The tune’s hot.
The bars are hot.
And the video is a million miles away from the Channel U origins where most people started.
I believe Bashy and Wretch will push the boundaries of UK Hip-Hop and bring conciousness with them.
Good to meet you the other day Bashy. Keep doing your thing bro!

8 04 2009
Nate Dizzle

Bish Bash Bosh!!!!!!!

8 04 2009

tell you what mate … best video i’ve seen in a while.

8 04 2009

That is big & on a new level! Look forward to the album!

8 04 2009

it all makes sense now! hehe! Keep doing your thing Bashy! its a good look!

8 04 2009

video is hard, good to see uk music doing this type of stuff, looking forward to your album,ill be the first to kop,keep doing your thing g

8 04 2009


8 04 2009
Crazy Kid

That is amazing blud. COP COP COP!

8 04 2009

Yes…you’ve definetly set trends out now in the U.K scene 4 what you’ve done congrats…big move and big up Scorcher and Wretch…played major parts also…Catch Me If You Can<<<<Look put for it


9 04 2009

yep….My hands are up….u got us on this one…gone clear…

u asking them to but…I dunno if they can catch you!


U raised the bar…ima have to jump higher!



9 04 2009

u clever mudda fooookerr

9 04 2009

Lookin forward to it ๐Ÿ™‚

9 04 2009
Nicole 'Cherries TnT' Louis


Bashy that was bloody fantastic!!!!! u HAVE blown up – its official and ders much more to cum… wel dun hun!

that was slick, professionals, good story, everyting! Can’t wait for part 2.. im wonderin how he got away.. hmmm :o)

p.s. glad u didnt really get licks.. awwww :o)

9 04 2009

Bish Bash Iโ€™ve been following your blog for a good few months now your and Stryders are the best up to date blogs from the UK scene on the net (shout out to Ace and Visโ€™s blog too).

I have to say I was impressed with the quality of this video & song it was very creative. Iโ€™m sure you are aware that it has made it onto another site which I check up on quite often allhiphop.com (rumours section) The picture which showed your beat up face was media genius created some good hype.

Keep up the work ethic

9 04 2009

theres more to this…. theres a guy dead in the hall when the police storm in and scorchers got his arm cut…. how did bash escape??!!…..bring on part 2

9 04 2009
Jouvan Johnson

This had me emotional, its ‘ARD BODIED,lol… u man done it big!!!!

Hold tight Bashy on the actin it was sick, man looked proba scared and that…

“Frankie, bring him in the bath”

lol… can’t wait until this drops on our screens.


9 04 2009
Nicole 'Cherries TnT' Louis

i reckon he playd dead in da bath den jumped em wen dey werent xpectin it.. he shot one of em in a litl scuffl den got away.. his bredrin who was collectin da dough called 5.0

watcha think!!! I think I cud be a female Columbo : O ]

9 04 2009
Nicole 'Cherries TnT' Louis

Old on!!! how cum his clothes r dry wen he’ srunnin an he jus got outta da bath…?????????????????????
: o /

10 04 2009

there still wet actually

10 04 2009

i was in them freezing my bollocks off so please dont ever ever ever say that again nicole

10 04 2009

The video is BIG!!!!!

Was it directed by Hype Williams or Little x? ๐Ÿ™‚

Hats off to your production team!!!! Can’t wait to see part two.

All the sucuss in your music and movie career!!!!!!!

10 04 2009
10 04 2009

is one of the kidnappers wretch? the one that teks him to the bath?
haha jokes…i love this track..which ones eddie kadie?
u shud b in movies bash..ur a good actor lol x

11 04 2009
Nicole 'Cherries TnT' Louis

LMAO dey look well dry Bash… u sure.. ?? Hahahahaaa

freezin his bollocks off.. LOL ah…

12 04 2009
Charlie Roberts

Best collab work so far!
This is some R.Kelly- Trapped in da Closet shit!

1 Question- Is Wretch Frankie aswell? lol

I need part 2 fam!

12 04 2009
Charlie Roberts

Oh yeah big up officers Eddie Kadi and Kevin J aswell!
The actress who played Chantel was over-choong fam! I swear she’s a dancer aswell.

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