Bish Bash Blackbeard Goes

31 03 2009

Bashy finally shaves his beard off to celebrate Catch Me if You Can.


What you saying, Am I back to normal?

Who thought I wouldn’t be able to do it?

Who knew I would?

I’m so fucking glad my skin is normal underneath, big up everyone who is supporting my movement it is much appreciated. Make sure you sign up to my mailing list to get this type of stuff first…go to WWW.BASHY.COM




13 responses

31 03 2009

loool mannky skin underneath
Juss drop the album !

31 03 2009

Should of shaved it when it was actually released an in shops, lol.

31 03 2009

Well Done

31 03 2009

funniest thing i seen for days.
jokerrr. back to sexy, yum yum yum.

31 03 2009

lol wen is the album getin dropped? and u must of felt good shavin dat beard off

31 03 2009

dude…get rid of the ‘tash too!
crazy tho..cnt believe u did it!

31 03 2009
Queen B

yu look sexcc… xxx

31 03 2009
Dee Dee

Well done Bash, can’t wait for the album! And beard or no beard….you’re still a super hottie!

31 03 2009

just when it was growing on me, i kinda liked it!

5 04 2009
Nicole 'Cherries TnT' Louis

well i must be in da ‘older ladies’ category since Im gonna be 30 this year :o( I did think u looked nice wid da beard but u still look nice without it.

I feel old now… 😮 ( 😮 ( 😮 (

6 04 2009

awww bashyyyy mann u lookedd NYCCC wid da bearddd stylll i likedd dah look i neva used 2 lyk men wiv facial hair buh i wer doin it!lool grow it agenn 😉

7 04 2009

dat was funny i was bussin up
looking fresh i think you look nice either way
keep it up…

8 04 2009

lol looks much better, I seen you in park royal a few weeks ago and my friend was like theres bashy, I was like where looking around and you were right in front of me haha. funny

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