Catch me if you can …

24 03 2009

In the studio finishing it up as I type this …soon!




6 responses

24 03 2009

Damn, as in the whole thing is being finished up?

There is some awesome stuff coming out this year, can’t wait.

24 03 2009
Nicole 'Cherries TnT' Louis

yeah man – hurry it up.. ive rinsed da till it cant get rinsed no more…

put a pic up of da face widout da beard once its dun!!! heheheheeee

24 03 2009

Fk tha long ting bashy, get out on tha roads sell em frm ya car bruv. cant w8 much longa!!

24 03 2009

lol zoop zoop

i hope its not the true story of a real fake tho lol

25 03 2009

It’s not like we want the album… It’s suttin like we need it ! !

25 03 2009

Yes fam asap pleaseee
also havent heard a bashview this year eitherr ??????????

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