Ironic or Racist?

19 03 2009



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19 03 2009

i dunno, you can see what Pauly Shore and the film is trying to do. It’s trying to parody the way wealthy and often famous Americans go to Africa and ‘pick’ an individual child in order to ‘give it a better life in America’. Probably without much thought for the real issues that need adressing on the continent. When you think about it, the money they spend on the adopted child throughout it’s upbringing could be spent on helping an entire village, a hospital, an orpahnage etc. BUT i dunno if a dude like Pauly Shore and the filmmakers are intelligent enough to pull the film off without it bordering on exploitation and racism! Bash it would be interesting to hear your views??? sorry bout the essay length comment still…

19 03 2009

Im feeling robdotkaz’s comment above i never thought of it that way but the first thing that came to mind wasnt irony or racism it was a bit disrespectful in my eyes i know they are trying to get a message across or woteva but i didnt find it funny when he said he came to africa to get aids or summink like dat , i thought he was takin da mik to be honest , those r the kinda jokes that will never be funny to me im from the carribbean by the way and wasnt affended by any racist remarks coz i didnt feel they were any but this guy needs ta noe how far to take it alie.
bit of an essay aswell lol but ya noe… yh bashy wots ur thoughts, you agree ?.disagree? Holla x
da fan x

20 03 2009

Irregardless of what it is they were trying to portray…the extent of the so called “illustrative cynicism” displayed throughout that clip, is offensive and degrading. Go to cambodia and do that shit…don’t bring it to africa. And most of all don’t send a white guy called Pauly. Only a small minority that watch this film will see this for the “statement” its trying to make their are other ways to raise awareness without raising tempers. snm.

21 03 2009

pure fuckery in my opinion jokes about aids aint ever gonna gonna be ok and definatly not in africa! hes allways bein a bit of a dick but i fink hes gone 2 far now tho init?

22 03 2009
Brown sugar

Abit of both, Racist and Ironic…Hope it doesn’t sell if it comes out.

25 03 2009

If i see him on da road, he’s getting a kick, jab, cross, hook, hook again. I dont care bout da irony. A piss take! Call me an ignoramus… f!@% it.

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