Dwain brings Gold back to his Chambers!

8 03 2009
On your Marks! He battered them!

On your Marks! He battered them!

I was watching this from yesterday & was mad excited! Dwain did well in the first heat! The Semi he ran was a dutty. He broke the European record with ease! My heart was beating when the final started…He showed some super class & composure. When I saw Dwain Chambers sprint I was like Brap….You know the rest! LOL! Pissed that Simeon Williamson never got a medel! 4th is hurtful! Oh well he’s still young & most def a future champ!   Dwain Chambers wins gold medal! Jonathan Edwards was asking him some funky questions but he handled himself well so all good! Big up Team GB!




3 responses

8 03 2009

wens da album dropin?or a new song?

9 03 2009

Yes. I was hoping you would mention this I was going mad when he ran the ER I was doing my ironing and had to contain myself.

Unlucky williamson but your going places.

Dwain Chambers is one supreme mentally strong black man. Big Up Dwain The Train Chambers

9 03 2009

as for what you said about Edwards. I don’t know if your saying Edwards is against him. I think Edwards would be the LAST person against him. Edwards has supported Dwain in the media all through this bullcrap and said Chambers should of gone to the Olympics. I have a feeling they talk (when Chambers is competing) and I also have a feeling Edwards on Saturday asked him that question on purpose:”Dwain do you have anything to say to the doubts?” The way it was worded wasn’t in a way to catch out Chambers, he was giving a good opportunity for Chambers say what he wants to say in a way that would benefit him.

The other questions on sunday were gonna come with what has happend and Edwards doing his Job as a sports Broadcaster.

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